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Plusnet broadband customers most likely to recommend company

Tuesday, April 28th 2015 by Dean Reilly

Customers of internet service provider Plusnet are most likely to recommend the company when compared to customers of other providers, research has revealed.

The findings come after cloud-based technology provider Satmetrix conducted a survey focusing on levels of customer loyalty in a variety of commercial sectors, including broadband.

The research measured how likely UK broadband customers were to recommend their provider to others, identifying them as either 'promoters' (most likely to recommend a company), 'detractors' (least likely to recommend a company) or 'passives' (neutral customers).

Plusnet scored the highest percentage of promoters in the sector, with 51% of customers identified as likely to recommend their ISP.

The company also had the lowest percentage of detractors at just 14%.

Although O2 had a lower percentage of passive broadband customers, Plusnet secured first place by having both the lowest detractor and highest promoter results in the survey.

Andy Baker, CEO at Plusnet told Cable.co.uk: “We are excited to see Plusnet leading the 2015 Satmetrix Internet Service Consumer Benchmark. Word of mouth continues to be the strongest recommendation you can get, and the strength of our referrals programme is real testament to this.

"We are very proud of our award-winning customer service and competitive pricing and it is great to see that our customers are pleased enough to recommend this service to others.”

Second place went to Virgin Media, which secured a 36% promoter, 37% passive and 27% detractor score.

Unlikely to recommend

Sky took third place, with 34% promoter, 36% passive and 30% detractor, while O2 had 32%, 32% and 36% respectively.

BT came fourth overall, followed by TalkTalk, EE and finally Vodafone.

EE had the most detractors according to the survey, with 42% of customers surveyed unlikely to recommend the company to others.

BT customers were found to be the most passive, with 38% of respondents neither promoting or disparaging their ISP.

Satmetrix also found that the average age of Plusnet customers was the highest amongst the eight providers sampled, at 55. However, the company also had the shortest average years of custom found in the survey, at 2.8 years.

O2 and Sky respondents had the lowest average age of respondents, at 44.

The survey, conducted between 12 January and 17 February, sampled 11,000 UK consumers.

An average of 260 customers of each of the eight ISPs sampled were questioned.

Last week, Cable.co.uk reported that Tesco Mobile achieved the highest rating among mobile operators in the Satmetrix survey, outperforming Three, O2, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone and EE.

The results mean that, according to Satmetrix, the two worst performing companies in both the mobile and broadband sectors are Vodafone and EE.

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