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Plusnet 38Mb fibre deals now offer nearly five times faster upload speeds

Tuesday, October 31st 2017 by Oprah Flash

Plusnet has announced plans to boost upload speeds from 1.95Mbps to 9.5Mbps both for new and existing customers.

The upgrade applies to customers who either already have, or are buying, the a package that provides download speeds up to 38Mbps.

That download speed will remain the same but customers “should benefit from faster speeds when uploading photos and video to the likes of Facebook or sending emails” according to Plusnet.

The new upload speeds will give customers faster accessibility when uploading photos and videos online. It will also make it easier to transfer larger documents.

Existing customers will have their speeds upgraded from November, however customers a will immediately receive the new upload speeds.

While broadband providers can advertise ‘up to’ speeds, the actual broadband speed that each customer receives can vary depending on a range of factors.

The type of broadband connection you have chosen and the way it is delivered to you can affect how quickly you are connected to the internet. Fibre connections are quicker than older copper connections.

The following will also have an impact on how quickly you can surf the net:

• How far your premises is from the nearest BT roadside cabinet or exchange

• The quality of your phone line and how long you’ve had it

• Electrical interference from things like generators and power lines

• How many people are using the internet at once

• Your router and wi-fi setup within your property

Plusnet said: “Your actual speed, for both downloading and uploading, is governed by your actual line conditions as much as your product.”

You can keep an eye of your own connection with a speed test.

Gamers and social media users benefit from faster upload speeds

If you’re a keen gamer and regularly play games like Call of Duty and EA Sports FIFA then the new upgrade is perfect news for you for faster gaming.

Just taken the perfect selfie? It will get easier to upload pictures and videos to your followers without being impeded by the swirling wheel of doom.

How does Plusnet's upload speed compare?

BT offers a 52Mbps a package for £31.99 a month on a yearly contract. The upload speeds with this package are advertised as up to 9Mbps.

Sky’s a broadband package advertises broadband speeds up to 38Mbps for £38.99 a month over 18 months. The upload speeds here are up to 10Mbps, pretty much the same as its competitors.

Virgin Media’s upload speed for its a package is 3.04Mbps. For the Vivid 100 package the upload speeds go up to 6Mbps. Both are lower than Plusnet’s new upgraded speed.

The Vivid 50 costs £29 a month and the Vivid 100 is currently £34 a month.

TalkTalk’s a deal provides a broadband connection with download speeds up to 38Mbps and upload speeds of up to 10 Mbps. This is in line with Plusnet’s announcement. The Faster Fibre deal now costs £19.95 as part of a Black Friday deal.

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