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Plusnet launches new ad campaign focused on customer service

Tuesday, August 11th 2015 by Ellen Branagh

Plusnet is focusing on what it describes as its “unrivalled customer service” in its latest advertising campaign that starts tomorrow.

The phone and broadband provider’s campaign will centre on the tagline: “Broadband that loves you back”, and no longer focuses on price, the company said.

The TV advert, which airs tomorrow, features a woman driven so crazy by the poor customer service she has been receiving from her broadband provider, she takes herself off-grid to live as a full-time spoon whittler.

The ad, which will still feature the character ‘Plusnet Joe’, will air on various formats including TV, online, and social media.

Plusnet’s head of marketing Sarah Pepworth said: “We pride ourselves on being able to offer low cost broadband without having to compromise on service, and we are delighted to have a new campaign that gets this message across in a fun and memorable way.

“There’s no need to run off into the woods to escape poor service.

“We treat each customer like a person, not a number. And that matters.”

In a survey earlier this year Plusnet customers were found to be the most likely to recommend the company to a friend, compared to customers of other providers.

'Word of mouth'

The survey by cloud-based technology provider Satmetrix, which focused on levels of customer loyalty in a variety of commercial sectors including broadband, found that 51% of Plusnet customers were likely to recommend the provider to others, while only 14% were classed as unlikely to recommend.

At the time, Plusnet CEO Andy Baker told Cable.co.uk: “Word of mouth continues to be the strongest recommendation you can get, and the strength of our referrals programme is real testament to this.

“We are very proud of our award-winning customer service and competitive pricing and it is great to see that our customers are pleased enough to recommend this service to others.”

Cable.co.uk has previously reported that Plusnet was launching a YouView service for its fibre broadband customers.

The move marked the company’s first venture into ‘triple-play’ – offering customers the chance to have their TV, broadband and phone line come from the same provider.

Comments (2)

Sascha Pacco
14th April 2016

You want to deal with a company called KCOM who don't give a flying monkeys about the service they provide because their customers have no where else to go. At least you can move ISP's and have a better chance of getting a better service,

ian cameron
3rd March 2016

This is a complete fabrication from Plusnet, it may say it is focusing on Customer Service but in my experience they have provided me with one of the worst customer experiences I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. You only have to read any real customer reviews to see just how bad their service is.

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