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Plusnet launches self-installation for fibre customers

Wednesday, November 18th 2015 by Cable.co.uk

Plusnet has launched a new self-install router to speed up the connection process for fibre broadband.

The new Plusnet Hub One eliminates the need for an engineer to visit and means customers can set up their own router on the day their new broadband service goes live.

Plusnet said the new self-install process will be available for all new fibre customers, as well as existing ADSL customers upgrading to fibre, from 17 December 2015.

The telecoms provider has also updated its website to provide customers with an estimated speed range for fibre broadband rather than a single figure, which it believes will give customers a more accurate indication of what speed to expect.

Plusnet fibre broadband is currently free for the first six months, then £14.99 per month thereafter on an 18-month contract. Activation is free when you take a Plusnet phone line and line rental is charged at £18.99 per month.

Simple set-up

The Plusnet Hub One is a dual-band wireless router (2.4GHz and 5GHz) designed for straightforward set-up, with strong and reliable wireless signal.

The package is letterbox-sized and features automatic set up so there’s no need to enter your details to get connected for the first time.

The router features one USB port and five Ethernet ports, supporting speeds up to 1,000Mbps.

It has wi-fi protected set-up (WPS) and power management, which monitors the hub functions individually and puts them into power save mode when not in use.

Enhanced functionality

The router transmits on both bands simultaneously and will always aim to give you the best wireless connection possible.

The 5GHz wireless router brings a number of benefits, including less susceptibility to congestion and no interference from other wireless devices, such as radio controlled toys or video cameras.

The 5GHz band is also faster and gives a more reliable connection, making it particularly suitable for data heavy activities like HD video streaming and downloading large files.

The main limitation of the 5GHZ band is that it has a shorter wireless range than 2.4GHz. You’ll also need devices that are 5GHz compatible to take advantage of it.

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