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Plusnet SIM deal offers 2GB of data for £7 a month

Friday, February 16th 2018 by Oprah Flash

When you think of Plusnet you probably thinks of a bubbly chap from Yorkshire advertising broadband, but the provider also sells cheap SIM-only deals.

What can you buy with £7? Some fish and chips from your local? A new cable for your iPhone charger? What about a SIM-only deal with 2GB of data, unlimited texts and 3,000 minutes?

Until midnight on Tuesday (20 February) Plusnet has a range of SIM-only deals for a tenner or less a month.

As we briefly mentioned, on a 30-day rolling contract, £7 a month gives you 2GB of data to use each month. It’s not a lot of data so it’s best suited to you if you prefer to communicate the old fashioned way, chatting over the phone.

The price of this deal is the same whether or not you are currently a Plusnet broadband customer or not. However if you do buy your internet connection from Plusnet you’ll get access to double data Mates Rates plans or a choice of special offers.

SIM-only deals under a tenner

This £7 deal is worth snapping up while you can as Plusnet has another deal for £7.50 a month for 1GB of data, unlimited texts and 1,000 minutes. This is nowhere near as good a value for money.

Exclusively available to broadband customers is the £9 a month deal which gives you 4GB of data with unlimited texts and calls.

Virgin Mobile also has a £9 a month SIM-only deal. Just like Plusnet’s offering, you’ll get 4GB of data to use each month. That’s where the similarities end, as Virgin Mobile is giving away 1,500 minutes and unlimited texts with the deal over a 12-month contract.

While this next deal is not under a tenner it’s definitely worth a mention. Virgin Mobile currently has a flash sale that lasts up until Wednesday 21 February. During that time there’s a whopping 100GB of data with 5,000 minutes and unlimited texts up for grabs that will cost you £20 a month.

We don’t know how you’ll use up such a big data package but you’ve got to admit, that’s a pretty good bargain.

Back to deals for under a tenner, smarty has got two deals that fit the bill that fit the bill. The smaller package gives you 2GB of data with unlimited texts and calls for £7.50 a month. For £10 a month, Smarty gives 4GB of data with unlimited calls and texts.

Smarty’s plans are all 30-day rolling plans just like Plusnet, which gives you that extra flexibility and is perfect for commitment-phobes. You also get a discount off your next tariff if you don’t use all of your data by the end of the month.

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