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Post Office broadband customers complain of email outage

Wednesday, September 11th 2013 by Hannah Langston
Post Office broadband customers report email issue

Some Post Office broadband customers have not been able to access their email accounts for more than a week.

Post Office broadband customers have reported issues with the provider's email service, leaving some users unable to access their accounts for over a week.

The company is in the process of moving to a new supplier for its home phone and broadband products, with connections to be provided via TalkTalk's wholesale network.

Several customers have contacted us to say they have been left unable to send or receive emails since the start of this month, while many have also struggled to get in touch with Post Office to find out more about the problem.

A Post Office spokesperson acknowledged that calls to the company's customer care line have been taking "longer than normal" to answer, blaming the issue on some changes being made to its broadband and phone service.

"We apologise to customers for any inconvenience and are working hard to rectify this," the spokesperson added.

At the end of the 2012-13 financial year, Post Office had just under half a million residential customers signed up to its fixed-line phone and broadband services, making it the UK's sixth-largest telecoms provider.

Comments (335)

dennis see
23rd February 2015

My e-mails are not working,when I sign in everything I put in goes off.

raymond holman
11th January 2015

It takes along time to get my e-mails from the post office and my account as I have tried for 3 days with no luck. It was trouble free before but not now.


27th November 2014

agree with the comments above, I made the mistake of joining the service in September and since then had many drop outs and resorted to purchasing my own router, this has reduced them but not 100%.

Now we have some service the slowness is incredible at times, 250k compared with an estimate of 3 to 6 MB. with BT I did received over 5MB (90% of the time).

I have written to Geoff asking for support, but unsure how this might help.

I want to exist my broadband contract, with charges, but that seems unlikely.

Gary Bristol

18th November 2014

I've been with the post office for several years now and my connection seems to be getting faster even though there is a mile of copper wire between me and the exchange. But in my area it is all controller by BT so perhaps if you are in an area where BT has to compete with virgin and sky and plusnet (hardware). All this video on demand in HD (20-40Gbs each) and massive computer game downloads (1-15Gbs) must be a night mare for ISPs.

Alwyn Seeds
17th November 2014

Dear Neil,

To clarify, Talk Talk are now Post Office's sub-contractor providing the network which is branded Post Office. Previously BT Openreach did that and I had no particular problems. Since the move to Talk Talk the ADSL path to the exchange (Kingham in my case) continues to be provided by Openreach, now as sub-contractor to Talk Talk and thence to Post Office and there is no change in the performance of the ADSL connection. What has changed is the performance through the VP Talk Talk rents from OpenReach and beyond. So in the evening, I have ADSL working at its normal downlink 4.5 Mb/s but the under-provisioned VP and network is only delivering 330 kb/s and sometimes drops out altogether. Presumably providing this miserably under-provisioned network was how Talk Talk undercut Openreach and got the Post Office sub-contract.

My conclusion is that if you want to do more than send the occasional e-mail, you should not touch Post Office.

Hope that's clear.



Neill Rutherford
10th November 2014


I am very sorry to hear that you are on Talk Talk and that you have problems with drop outs and congestion upstream. I live in Ludlow a very small town and B.T. Open-Reach looks after the copper wires.

As Talk Talk also provide home phone and broad band I wonder if "down grading PO lines" is part of their marketing strategy.

Internet connective is an issue on MP minds at the moment (well at least my MP's mind) I suggest you write to yours.

This will be copied to Geoff Smyth and my MP

Also Hannah you are not making changes to the heading of this blog. The initial problem was well over one year ago and despite some unfortunate customers having bad connections this is not a MAJOR email outage.

DON'T use your ISP email address which is also the connection to your billing system AS YOUR PRIMARY EMAIL Address. You can and most likely will fall out with your ISP and so lose the email address when you change to another provider. (I use gmail)

5th November 2014

Post Office Broadband is cheap, but not cheerful. It is in fact utterly dreadful. Quite unsuited to anything other than the most basic functions which it performs with the speed and enthusiasm of a garden slug.

Alwyn Seeds
4th November 2014

I cannot agree with Neil Rutherford that PO Broadband is working OK.

Ever since the migration of their network to Talk Talk, I have had a connection that drops out and has poor performance due to congestion up-stream of the exchange.

This has rambled its way round Ombudsman Services, but they are just their subscriber's mouthpiece, so nothing has been done to correct the problem.

I would not advise anyone who needs a reliable internet service to use Post Office Broadband.

Neill Rutherford
3rd November 2014

3rd November 2014


I also do not use the provided wireless router instead I use a Netgear DG-843G V2. A device I picked up in a job lot (because there was a flat panel monitor there also) for the grand sum of £18 from Leominster Auctions.

I mainly run connected by Ethernet cable to one of the 4 ports rather than by Wireless.

To the best of my knowledge the copper cables to the exchange are serviced and maintained by B.T. Open-Reach. I have the unlimited broadband package plus telephone call packages which means my monthly bill is fixed at £33.25 per month which, when compared to the £70+ bills I got from E.E. (Orange) when i exceeded my 3GB per month transfer limit, is definitely to my liking.

Looking at the log of complaints I see that it is now just a trickle so I am cross with Hannah because the initial problem was over 1 year ago and has been in the main sorted so why has she not updated the introduction to this blog to reflect this?

Things with networks and software do go wrong. So I ask R Perry (2 days ago) Have you contacted technical support and allowed them to see if they can find the fault and fix it?

As for M Craft's complaint (29 days ago) I emailed Geoff Smyth Head of Telecoms at the Post office and he insured me that the complaint and assumptions are erroneous.

However as a customer of PO I still support fellow customers over the PO and I am dismayed that the "you are number N in the cue" message is still not there after a year when I was told it was a good idea. It will be useful when the next outage occurs. Oh and one day there will be some major outage that is a given.



r perry
1st November 2014

I haven't been able to access my e-mail account now for 3 weeks, not good enough

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