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Pure Broadband offers fibre services over GTC utility network

Wednesday, April 26th 2017 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

Households on GTC’s utility network can now order fibre services from internet provider Pure Broadband.

The open-access networks built by GTC already offer customers a choice of providers including Direct Save Telecom, Love Your Broadband, Seethelight and Vfast.

GTC’s networks, which also carry utilities including gas, electricity and water, use fibre to the home (FTTH) technology offering speeds up to 300Mbps.

GTC, which specialises in serving new developments, said its infrastructure is also future-proofed and could allow providers to offer 1Gbps services.

Joe Tandey, operations director at Pure Broadband, said: “Joining GTC’s network gives us the opportunity to reach more homeowners with our unique broadband offering.

“We feel that their open-access policy is the way that all networks should operate because of the choice it gives new homebuyers.”

Tom Brough, GTC’s sales and marketing director, said: “Housebuilders want to ensure their new homeowners have a wide choice of providers so they can decide which service and products will meet their particular/individual needs rather than having this dictated by the network owner.

“Just as GTC’s networks have always offered choice of supplier for gas and electricity, we are proud to provide that same freedom to our fibre customers.

“It is an aspiration that we are fully committed to and that we know holds a strong appeal for new housebuilders and their customers.”

'Greater demands'

GTC struck a deal with the House Builders Federation (HBF) in June last year for HBF members to provide ultrafast fibre and discounted Sky TV packages to new-build homes.

Speaking last year, HBF deputy chairman Peter Andrew said: “Housebuilders have the challenge of ensuring their new homes keep pace with future advances.

“The GTC agreement provides HBF members with another option for a service that exceeds these demands today, but importantly future-proofs new homes for the greater demands to come.”

The HBF also announced deals with Openreach and Virgin Media in 2016 but the majority of housebuilders still can’t say how many of their homes have access to decent broadband.

Cable.co.uk reported yesterday that only one of the UK’s top 20 developers could guarantee that fibre broadband was available at every property built by them.

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