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Roundup: This week's best deals in broadband, mobile and tech

Friday, March 2nd 2018 by Oprah Flash

Have you survived the Beast from the East? It’s teamed up with Storm Emma to cause nothing but havoc this week. If you’re snowed in (yay, day off!) don’t worry we’ve got a round up of the best broadband and mobile deals this week to chase away the winter blues.

Sit back, relax and try to stay warm.

Broadband deals

First up we've got a juicy cashback deal. We might be a bit biased as it’s one of our own exclusives but even Stevie Wonder could see this is a good deal (if he was looking for broadband).

BT is becoming renowned for its cashback deals with broadband packages. This week, when you sign up through Cable.co.uk, not only do you get the standard reward card with varying amounts (up to £125), you also get a £50 cheque. If you chose the Unlimited Infinity 2 package this will catapult your cashback up to £175. Not too shabby eh?

It’s not just BT that is fond of giving away reward cards, Sky has made a bold entrance into the broadband with cashback arena as well. When you sign up before 29 March, there is a reward card preloaded with £75 up for grabs. Sky’s Fibre Broadband plan is £21 a month over an 18-month contract.

Vodafone currently is offering the cheapest fibre broadband package on the market . Although the price recently went up by a pound you’re still getting a good deal at £21 a month with no setup fee for download speeds up to 38Mbps. The provider has also promised to compensate you if the speeds you recieve fall below its minimum standard. For the Superfast 1 package this is 25Mbps.

We’ve told you about cashback and superfast speeds but if you’re happy just carrying out the basic internet tasks like online shopping and checking emails a standard broadband deal should suit you just fine. TalkTalk has a cheap deal at £17 a month for speeds up to 17Mbps.

Mobile deals

If you missed the hype surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S9 release, where have you been? No worries, we’ve got your back and rounded up the best pre-order deals this week.

O2 led the way with a big data deal, offering up 90GB for £49.99 a month but Virgin Mobile stole the show with a up to £400 cashback offer when you trade your old phone.

Don’t forget to show Sony some love too, The release of the Sony Xperia XZ2 was also announced at the start of the week. You can win a trip to Japan when you pre-register with EE or buy the While Silver Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact exclusively from O2.

TV deals

NOW TV has a lot going on at the moment. In the last roundup we told you that it had launched its own Smart TV Stick, this week NOW TV is offering a set top box and two-month Entertainment Pass for £19.99. This will give you access to 11 of Sky’s premium channels including Sky Atlantic and Sky One.

If you’re looking for a way to keep the kids occupied while schools are shut, feast your eyes on this deal. The Entertainment and Sky Cinema Pass free trials have been extend to a full month, plus you can get a five-month Kids Pass for a fiver.

There is some exciting news for customers with Sky Q. Spotify will be launching on the platform in Spring and Netlfix will soon make an appearance as well.

SIM-only deals

We’re three months into the year and you’ll have to admit your new year’s resolutions have probably become a distant memory. This doesn’t have to be true for your plan to be financially savvy, a SIM-only deal is a good way of saving money.

This is why we’ve scanned the mobile providers for the best-value deals under a fiver.

Tech deals

You know what you need when you’re stranded on a train for two hours because of the Beast from the East? A tablet to keep you your mind going and your fingers tapping. Luckily, if you you’re an EE customer than you stand to make a saving up to £120 on a tablet deal.

EE customers get a 10% discount each month on iPad, iPad Pro and and Samsung Galaxy Tab A deals.

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