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Roundup: This week’s best deals in broadband , TV, mobile, energy and tech

Friday, February 9th 2018 by Oprah Flash

Is winter over yet? We’re just getting over the January blues but the cold weather and threat of snow still has some of us feeling gloomy. As the days slowly start to get lighter it feels like our wallets are getting lighter too.

If this rings true for you, then it may be time to switch your broadband, mobile or energy provider. Lucky for you we’ve spent the week combing through deals online and picked out the best ones for you to look at.

There’s three events to look forward to next week, Valentine’s day, Pancake day and great deals on Cable.co.uk. In the meantime, let’s get stuck into the deals we found this week

Broadband deals

We’re kicking off the proceedings with a bit of a hybrid deal here. EE is giving away a 50GB data boost for your mobile tariff when you sign up to its Fibre Max Broadband package. It is a broadband offer but you’re getting an impressive bargain for your mobile too. You could save a fair bit of money if you’re thinking of getting a flagship phone, by signing up for a lower tariff as you’ll get 50GB of data free each month anyway.

This time of year is always a bit expensive, just after you’ve gotten over the big spend at Christmas and living like a hermit in January, Valentine’s day pops up to make you spend even more money.

BT and Sky have your back on this one, as they are both giving away free cashback with their broadband plans.

The biggest bounty comes from BT. When you sign up to the BT Infinity 2 broadband for £39.99 a month you get superfast download speeds up to 76Mbps as well as a £120 reward card.

If you’re into sports and eager to watch the Champions League, you might also be excited to learn that on top of free money, you get free BT Sport throughout your 18-month contact with the BT Infinity deals.

You’ve got 'til midnight on Thursday 15 February to snap up these deals.

Love must be in the air for Sky, as it has dropped the cost of its fibre broadband packages. You can now get download speeds upto 38Mbps for £20 a month, though watch out there is a 25GB usage limit on this bundle. For the same speeds with unlimited usage it’s £25 a month. All of Sky’s broadband deals currently come with £50 cashback.

TV deals

We’ve got another hybrid deal for you. When you sign up to Sky TV for £20 a month you get a discount on an iPhone mobile deal. There’s an iPhone SE up for grabs for a tenner a month or an iPhone 6 deal for £15 a month.

If you’re not fussed about getting a new phone and you want some fast broadband packed in with your TV package then Virgin Media now has a flash sale on its Full House Bundle. You can save £72 if you sign up before Sunday night (11 February).

Energy deals

We just got one energy deal for you this week but it’s a good’un. It must be cashback season because there is another £50 offer. Good Energy is giving away a £50 John Lewis voucher when you switch to one of its energy tariffs. There you go, that’s one of your Valentine’s gifts sorted.

Mobile deals

It’s been a busy week in the mobile deals arena with the top providers all sweetening their deals with free cash and tech. Our favourite deal at the moment is the free £100 cash and free tablet offer with Three’s Huawei Mate 10 Pro deal. Who can say no to free stuff?

Yet another Huawei deal is available from Vodafone. We’ve got a bit of a soft spot for the Huawei P Smart as we had the chance to review it last week. The handset is now exclusive to Vodafone from £17 a month.

Looking for free tech with your mobile deal? If so now is a good time to shop around as a free tablet is on offer at Virgin Mobile with the Nokia 3 and some headphones up for grabs from Three with the Sony Xperia XA2 and Honor 9.

With excitement mounting over the impending Samsung Galaxy S9 release, Virgin Mobile is offering £108 savings on the current Samsung Galaxy S8.

SIM deals

Yep, you guessed it we’ve got another cashback deal for you. BT Mobile has a SIM-only deal boasting a mega 18GB of data for £20 a month. Not only are you getting a lot of data to use each month, there’s also a sweet £90 reward card and free BT Sport app access included.

Tech deals

It’s not just phone and broadband deals we write about, there are some gadgets as well. You can get the Apple Watch Series 3 from Currys PC World on a buy now, pay later basis which is much kinder on your wallet. EE has got some In car wi-fi deals from £18 a month for 4GB.

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