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Samsung Galaxy J3 from £13 a month in Sky Mobile's January sale

Wednesday, January 17th 2018 by Luke Albiges

Samsung's range of Galaxy smartphones is one of the most respected and popular on the market, so this latest deal from Sky is likely to attract a fair bit of attention – a recent Galaxy for as little as £13 a month with data isn't a deal to be sniffed at, after all.

Granted, it's not a top-of-the-line S8 handset or Note 8 phablet but rather Samsung's most recent revision of its budget Galaxy range, the J series. But even so, it's a black pocket slab that says 'Samsung' on it, so it'll likely fool untrained eyes into thinking you're loaded, and Samsung has a proven record at both ends of the price spectrum so it's not like it's a bad phone or anything... just a budget one, with the kind of performance and features that go along with not remorgaging your house to buy a shiny new smartphone.

Sky's new offer – as part of its ongoing Swap24 deal, a fancy name for the kind of biannual upgrades most people with a network contract phone also get – offers the Galaxy J3 for a mere £8 a month, but you also need to add data and call packages to that.

Double data promotion

The usual 500MB data of the lowest option (£5 a month) has been doubled to 1GB as part of a separate Double Data promotion, while Sky TV customers also get unlimited calls and texts free. Non-Sky customers have the option to either take that same bottomless calls/texts option for an extra £10 a month, or to simply pay for what they use at standard rates.

So while that's a lowest cost option of £13, those who typically use more data than that can pay extra to make sure they cover their needs – an additional £5 doubles it up to 2GB (again as part of the Double Data promotion), while there are also 5GB and 10GB options for £15 and £20 respectively.

It's the lower end of the range that is more appealing here, as you don't need to worry about streaming 4K movies when the handset only has a 720p display, plus anyone who uses that much data is likely in the market for a flashier handset anyway.

On that note, Sky also has similar offers on higher-end phones if you need more power in the palm of your hand – we'll be bringing you those shortly, so watch this space.

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