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Get a free tablet with Sky Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile deals

Monday, February 5th 2018 by Marc Shoffman

Fancy getting your hands on a snazzy mobile handset and tablet at the same time?

Sky Mobile is offering a Samsung Galaxy S7 with 500MB data and the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0, all for just £24 a month with no upfront costs.

You will get a 32GB handset in black or pink gold plus the mini tablet.

Broken down, you would pay £19 for the mobile and then £5 a month for 500MB of data for a 12-month minimum term.

Sky TV customers will also get free unlimited calls and texts, while others would have to pay an extra £10 a month. There is also a pay as you use option charging 10p per call and 10p per text.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is thrown in for free.

There are a couple of different options to access this deal. Sky offers a Swap12 or Swap24 plan that signs you up to a credit agreement letting you exchange your phone every year or two years for no extra cost.

Alternatively, you can just sign up to one of its mobile plans and hold onto the phone.

Sky Mobile users also benefit from being able to rollover unused data and store it for up to three years to use anytime, while if you are a Sky+ customer you can sync recordings onto your phone.

Free data rollover with Sky Mobile

There won’t be much left to rollover on a 500MB deal, but you could get 1GB of data for £10 a month, 5GB for £15 or 10GB for £20.

These offers are available until February 16th.

In terms of the technology, the devices you are getting are well-respected and on offer for a decent price but are by no means the latest models.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 was released in March 2016.

It is getting on for two years old and already has the S8 ahead of it as well as the soon to be unveiled S9.

However, users still rate this kit highly. The S7 offers blur-free photos with its dual pixel 12MP camera, wireless charging and just a 150 minute wait for a full battery. It also has an expandable memory slot to give you up to 200GB of storage.

There have also been plenty of iterations of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. In this deal you are getting the 7.0 version that was released two years ago.

The device has a 7inch 1280x800 display and 1.5 GB of RAM, as well as an autofocus camera that offers effects such as animated GIFs and panoramas.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 typically retails for just under £100 and for that you get 8GB of memory. That isn’t a lot but for a free device you are getting a well-respected tablet, even if you just use the children-specific content in Kids Mode to keep the young-ones happy and quiet on those long car journeys or rainy days.

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