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Save up to £200 on this Google Pixel 2 deal on iD Mobile

Friday, January 26th 2018 by Marc Shoffman

Looking for a Google Pixel 2 but can’t quite justify the price tag? Take a look below.

Google’s answer to the iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy usually retails from around £629, and you could expect to pay anything from £30 to £40 a month plus a few hundred pounds upfront to get your hands on one using a monthly contract.

But Carphone Warehouse subsidiary iD Mobile, which tags onto the Three network, is feeling pretty generous and is knocking up to £200 off contract deals for the handset as part of the end of its winter sale.

If you don’t need too much data, iD Mobile offers a 64GB Google Pixel 2 with 500MB for 24 months at £21.99 a month. Double your data and you would pay £22.99 a month. Both packages cost £129.99 upfront and would save you £134.

For 2GB, you could save £110 by paying £24.99 and £129.99 upfront or go for 4GB and it will cost £25.99, saving you £136.

iD Mobile is also offering the handset with a 128GB capacity. You could save £192 with 500MB of data for £24.99 or 1GB for £25.99 Both deals have an upfront cost of £79.99.

Go for 2GB of data and you will need to pay £89.99 upfront and £26.99 each month, a saving of £202 or if you want 4GB there is an upfront cost of £119.99 and a monthly £29.99 charge, a £160 discount.

All contracts come with 600 minutes and 5,000 texts for 24 months.

As well as cheaper deals, iD Mobile lets you roll over unused monthly data and cap how much you can spend above your allowance. You need to be quick though as these offers end next Wednesday (31 January).

But will 4GB of data be enough?

iD Mobile only goes as high as 4GB for data on this package. If you wanted more, EE offers 15GB for a 64GB handset with unlimited texts and minutes for £42.99 a month or £47.99 a month for 40GB.

A 128GB handset would cost £47.99 a month with EE for 15GB of data or £52.99 for 40GB.

These offers are also worth considering as EE has currently taken away any upfront costs for the handset.

The phone itself offers some impressive specs. A screen size of 5inches means we are back to phones that can actually fit in your pocket again plus it stands up well against Apple and Samsung in terms of cost and functionality.

The Pixel 2 has the same 12MP camera and 64GB internal memory as standard. You also get Google Assistant built in, letting you control your voice with your hands. It is also water-resistant, so you shouldn’t do too much damage if you drop it in the bath and get it out quickly.

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