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Sign up to an online course with Udemy from £14.99

Wednesday, February 7th 2018 by Mike Whitehead

Cast your minds back five weeks to 1 January and the thoughts swirling around your head about what 2018 will bring. New Year, New Me! I’m going to make this year count, re-educate myself, teach myself new skills and this time next year we’ll be millionaires...yay!

So, now we’re into the first week of February, how’s that going? For most of us, the hopes, dreams and aspirations for our professional careers we held so tight on New Year’s Day are usually gathering dust alongside the Channel Swim application form by the time February arrives.

In a lot of cases, the ideas we had never get off the ground because we’re unsure how to get started. This is where online learning platforms can make the difference.

Of all the platforms available, Udemy.com (“The Academy of You”) is one of the most popular websites of its kind with a focus on web development, design and business courses, most available for as little as £14.99.

One of the most popular courses offered by Udemy at the moment is ‘The Complete Web Developer in 2018: Zero to Mastery’, created by Andrei Neagoie. This course promises to teach you all the necessary skills you will need to apply for web developer roles using a combination of online videos and exercises. The course package includes learning how to build relevant, complex websites using a variety of programming languages such as HTML5, CSS, Javascript and Node.js.

Start your own business

All of this is available for £14.99 and is aimed at anyone who is looking to learn how to build websites, set up your own web business or become a freelancer.

If you’ve set your heart on a move more into web design rather than development (a designer will create the look of a website, a developer will then build that design) there’s plenty available for you too.

User Experience Design Fundamentals, created by Joe Natoli, is also available for £14.99 and promises to teach you how to design websites and mobile apps that users will continue to come back to. The course includes over 10 hours of video course content.

To put these course prices into context, the average starter salary for a web developer in the UK is currently just under £25,000 per annum and for a web designer a touch over £30,000 per annum (depending on location).

In addition to web development and web design there are also a host of business-related courses available along with more focused courses in, for example, graphic design and photography. With over 65,000 courses available, the scope for learning a new skill, with very little financial outlay, is huge.

The e-learning marketplace is massive and Udemy is, by no means, the only lion in this particular jungle. Amongst other players in the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) marketplace are Lynda.com, Coursera, Khan Academy and Teachable to name a few.

By comparison, unlike Udemy, Lynda.com does not offer pricing on a course-by-course basis, rather it offers a monthly subscription plan. The benefit for you is that one monthly subscription opens up a raft of different course topics for you to learn from. If you get fed up with one you can stop and start afresh. Plans start from £12.95 for the Basic plan up to £18.95 for the Premium plan.

To sign up you simply register an account and choose which plan suits your needs – the Premium plan is the best value of the two on offer. Lynda.com offers a 30-day free trial at the outset and you can cancel anytime.

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