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Mobile deal of the week: 40GB and 5,000 minutes for £18 a month

Tuesday, January 30th 2018 by Emma Woollacott

Virgin Mobile is offering what it reckons is the cheapest monthly 40GB SIM-only plan on the market right now, costing a really very modest £18 a month.

For this - down from the usual price of £25 a month - you get 5,000 minutes and unlimited texts, with the 40GB representing double the usual data allowance.

It's a way better deal than the company's next cheapest offer, which gives you half the number of minutes and just a tenth of the data for only three quid a month less.

With this new 40GB deal, as with Virgin Mobile's other SIM-only plans, you can roll over any data from one month to the next. And you won't even have to use any of it up on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Twitter, as using these services won't count towards your data allowance.

You can change your 4G plan up or down every month as the whim takes you, and you'll also have the freedom to 'roam like home' in 43 destinations in the EU.

Virgin Mobile uses EE's network, which is claimed to have 99% 4G coverage of the UK population and is also, says Ofcom, the fastest, with an average 4G speed as 33Mbps.

On top of this, you'll get free wi-fi at more than two million hotspots across the UK, saving even more of that precious data.

Sign up by tomorrow (31 January)

The 40GB contract lasts for 12 months, with a lifetime price even after it ends - but you've only got until midnight tomorrow to sign up.

SIM-only contracts can be great value if you already have a phone that you're happy with, as they are generally a good deal cheaper than handset tariffs.

One good example of this, incidentally, comes in the form of another bargain-basement SIM-only deal that Virgin's offering at the moment: just £9 a month for 1,500 minutes, unlimited texts and 5GB of data - five times the usual allowance.

And Virgin does appear to be truthful in its claim that its 40GB SIM-only monthly deal is the cheapest on the market right now.

EE, for example, wants well over twice as much money per month for the same amount of data, with a tariff of £44.99. O2 doesn't have a 40MB tariff as such, but charges £42 a month for 30GB.

At Three Mobile, a 30GB SIM-only plan costs £20 a month, while Vodafone's Red Entertainment 40MB plan costs £41 a month, although this comes with all sorts of extras like the choice of NOW TV, Spotify and Sky Sports.

At Giffgaff, meanwhile, £18 a month will only get you 9GB of data, and at Tesco Mobile 20GB is £19.50.

Our verdict? All in all, the Virgin Mobile deal is great for data-hungry users; we reckon you should snap it up while you can.

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