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Sixteen callouts and counting: Staffordshire man's broadband nightmare continues

Tuesday, October 28th 2014 by Hannah Langston

A Staffordshire man is still suffering slow broadband despite BT sending out 16 engineers to fix the problem.

Michael Challenor (pictured), a joiner from Lichfield, receives an average download speed of 1.2Mbps – significantly lower than Ofcom’s recommended minimum speed of 2Mbps.

Mr Challenor had received visits from 12 different engineers when Cable.co.uk first spoke to him in September.

After subsequent visits from another four BT engineers, who replaced the ducting and cable going into his home, he managed to get a consistent speed of 2.75Mbps for three days before it dropped again.

He told Cable.co.uk the connection is not reliable and that speeds often drop to 0.01Mbps.

“When I try to view a webpage it freezes up and then I get a ‘page can’t be displayed’ message,” he said.

“After all this time I got excited at the thought of an improvement only to find it was not much better than it was,” he said.

“I have monitored it using speed recording software and it synched on 5-6Mbps but when you connect multiple devices and have multiple users it drops further.”

Mr Challenor has been paying £48 a month to BT for unlimited broadband, calls and YouView TV – which he is unable to watch because it requires a 3Mb internet connection.

“Usually you pay for a service, get it, if there are hiccups you may make one or two phone calls and then it’s sorted.

“You shouldn’t be constantly making calls to monitor systems, if that was the case BT should pay me as an engineer.

“It’s reasonable to demand a refund for a service I haven’t had. In 1969 we sent a man to the moon but today we can’t even get broadband right,” he added.

A BT spokesperson told us: “We apologise to Mr Challenor for the delay in resolving the problem with his broadband. The problem was caused by a fault in an underground cable and new ducting and cabling was needed to fix the problem. The duct work was completed on October 7 and the cabling on October 8.

“We spoke to Mr Challenor on October 9 and his broadband was achieving a download speed of more than 3Mb. More work has been done at the exchange and Mr Challenor is now achieving a download speed of over 4Mb. We hope to discuss compensation with Mr Challenor this week if he’s happy his complaint is resolved.”

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