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Sky Mobile now offers iPads with data rollover

Friday, May 11th 2018 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

Sky Mobile has added iPads to its range of tablets and claims to offer the UK’s lowest monthly price for one of the popular devices plus data.

The provider started selling Samsung Galaxy tablets a month ago, becoming the first UK mobile operator to offer data rollover with tablet deals, and promised that iPads would be available soon.

True to its word, Sky now has a range of iPad plans – many with no upfront cost – on both its Swap24 and Swap36 tariffs. A Swap24 plan is a 36-month contract that allows you to upgrade your tablet after 24 months, while a Swap 36 plan ties you into a 48-month contract and lets you swap your device for a new one after 36 months.

All four iPad models with cellular data (allowing you to get online using 3G or 4G via a SIM card as opposed to just using wi-fi) are available on Sky Mobile. They are the iPad 9.7 inch, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro 10.5” and iPad Pro 12.9”.

Data rollover

Prices start at £15 a month for the 9.7-inch iPad with 32MB of storage and 500MB of data to use each month on a Swap36 plan. The same device with the same amount of data on a Swap24 plan will cost you £19 a month. There are no upfront costs or delivery charges with either deal.

Anyone signing up to an iPad deal with Sky Mobile will benefit from data rollover, just the same as mobile customers. Thanks to the feature, any data left over at the end of each month is automatically rolled into a customer’s Sky Piggybank and saved for up to three years.

Customers can dip into their Piggybank whenever they need a data boost. Data stored in the Piggybank can even be shared between up to five Sky Mobile SIMs in the same household, whether they are on iPads, Samsung Galaxy tablets or mobile phones.

Sky says that since the launch of Sky Mobile in January 2017, its customers have collectively saved more than £26 million worth of mobile data.

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