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Sky offers basic broadband for £18 a month in January sale

Friday, January 12th 2018 by Oprah Flash

After recently dropping the cost of broadband in the January sale, Sky has done it again and knocked another pound off of its Sky Broadband Unlimited package.

Until midnight on Thursday 18 January, Sky’s basic broadband plan with download speeds up to 17Mbps is £18 a month. This is only 5p away from being the cheapest broadband on the market right now.

On top of this, there is also a £50 cashback card up for grabs when you sign up. To cover the cost of set-up you’ll have to pay £19.95 upfront. You’ll also be entered into a 12-month contract. If you decide to renew your contract for the Broadband Unlimited package the cost will go up to £28.99 a month.

This is a cheap way of getting your hands on a broadband connection especially if you have a smaller household of one or two people. Speeds up to 17Mbps is perfectly fine for the basic online activities like checking your emails, online shopping or binge-watching your favourite show on streaming websites.

Broadband deals with £50 cashback

If you’ve got a need for speed, Sky does offer fibre broadband packages but they are much more expensive. The Sky Fibre package is £28.99 a month with speeds up to 38Mbps but be careful not to get carried away with your downloading or streaming as there is a 25GB limit.

For the same speeds but with unlimited usage it’s a tenner more each month. Sky’s Fibre Unlimited package is £38.99 a month over an 18-month contract.

Download speeds up to 38Mbps are better for using several devices at one time.

If you’ve got a bigger household or play games that require superfast broadband speeds, Sky also has a package with speeds up to 76Mbps. The Sky Fibre Max package is £43.99 a month. The bigger packages have higher set-up fees, there's a £59.95 activation fee with all of Sky's fibre plans. To off-set this, these deals also come with a complimentary £50 reward card.

To claim your reward card you'll need to visit Sky's website within 90 days after your service is set up. Once you receive it you'll have a year to use it before it expires.

The basic broadband is cheap but the others are not. If you only need a basic package for the essential tasks then you have a good bargain on your hands with Sky’s Unlimited Broadband.

Although the cashback is enticing, if you need a faster connection there are some cheaper deals available on the market. Vodafone is currently offering up to 38Mbps for £20 a month and up to 76Mbps fo £24 a month.

Alternatively, Plusnet currently has an Unlimited Fibre package with download speeds up to 38Mbps for £23.99 a month and both TalkTalk and EE are charging £25 a month for their fibre broadband with unlimited usage.

Sky TV deal

The packages we have talked about here are all broadband only. If you interested in combining your broadband with Sky TV, its £38 a month. To get set-up you'll have to pay a one-off £29.59 activation cost.

That’s where the simplicity ends. The broadband part spans a minimum term contract of 12 months but the TV is over an 18-month contract. This means that at month 13 you’ll notice your monthly bill jump up to £48.99 for the remaining six months of the TV contract.

From month 19, the TV part of the contract goes up to £25 a month so overall the amount you are forking out each month for Sky TV and basic broadband is £53.99 a month.

Sky recently made some changes to its TV packages. Instead of the Original, Variety and Box Sets bundle that you may be used to, Sky dropped them and put Sky Entertainment in their place.

You’ll get a combination of channels that the old Original and Variety bundles used to offer. This includes more than 80 Freeview channels, Sky Atlantic, Nat Geo Wild and StarPlus.

To add Box Sets its an extra £5 a month and it’s the same price for Sky Kids. For Sky Cinema it’s £10 a month and £18 a month for Sky Sports. It wouldn’t be fair if we missed out the fact that this doesn’t include any HD channels. There’s an additional £5 a month charge for this, too.

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