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Sky offers money back if its top fibre broadband package is too slow

Monday, August 21st 2017 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

Sky is offering to give customers on its top fibre broadband package their money back if their service doesn’t reach a certain speed.

The speed guarantee allows new Sky Fibre Max customers to claim money back in the first 30 days of their contract if they’re getting less than 55Mbps.

Sky advertises its Fibre Max package as offering speeds up to 76Mbps but also as having an average UK download speed of 57Mbps.

As well as being able to claim money back if their speeds aren’t up to scratch, customers will also have the option to move to the next best fibre package and therefore reduce their monthly payment.

Alternatively, they will be able to cancel their broadband and phone contract without paying an early termination fee.

There are already rules in place that allow broadband customers to leave their contract early if their speed drops below a certain level.

This is the case if a customer’s broadband speed falls below what is known as the minimum guaranteed access line speed – the fastest speed achieved by the slowest 10% of comparable premises on a provider’s network.

Consumers can find out what their minimum guaranteed access line speed is by contacting their broadband provider.

Fibre deals

Sky Fibre Max is currently £38.99 a month instead of the usual £43.99 as Sky knocked at least a fiver off each of its broadband packages at the end of last week.

That means Sky Fibre Unlimited, which gives you speeds up to 38Mbps and has a UK average of 34Mbps, is £33.99 rather than the usual £38.99.

Both fibre deals come with an 18-month contract and a £59.99 set-up fee.

Sky’s entry-level broadband, which gives you speeds up to 17Mbps and has an advertised average of 11Mbps, is currently £20 a month instead of the usual £28.99.

It is available on a 12-month contract with a £19.99 set-up fee.

All of Sky’s broadband packages currently come with a £100 pre-paid Mastercard.

Last week, TalkTalk reduced the price of its unlimited fibre broadband to £25 a month.

Its Faster Fibre package offers speeds up to 38Mbps, free set-up and a fixed price for 24 months.

BT’s Unlimited Infinity 1, which gives you download speeds up to 52Mbps and comes with weekend calls, is £31.99 a month at the moment on a 12-month contract.

There is a £59.99 to pay but it does come with a £150 reward card.

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