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Sky signs up Bruce Willis for broadband ad

Monday, September 3rd 2012 by Nigel Adie
Bruce Willis stars in new Sky Broadband ad

Bruce Willis appears in a new advert for Sky's broadband service.

Sky has chosen Bruce Willis to front a new promotional campaign for its home broadband service.

The ad sees the Hollywood hard man appear as a cliched demanding celebrity, accosting his broadband provider after exceeding his monthly download allowance while watching one of his own films online, reports Campaign Live.

After an employee of the broadband firm recommends Willis watches the movie in lower quality to use less bandwidth, the actor becomes distressed. Customers are then urged to demand a high standard of service from their broadband account.

As well as this central message, the promo points out Sky Broadband subscribers can enjoy additional benefits such as inclusive access to thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots across the country while they are out and about.

Lyssa McGowan, brand director for home communications products at Sky, said: "Having Bruce take on a stereotypical celebrity persona adds a sense of fun to the campaign and at the same time serves to highlight the fact that customers deserve a broadband package that is truly unlimited."

The news comes shortly after Sky Broadband reached an agreement with ITV to sponsor the terrestrial broadcaster's 'showcase drama' programming.

Comments (10)

Peignoir Homme
23rd July 2013

I prefer the ad with Al Pacino!

23rd June 2013

If you watch the opening scenes in Reds you will see the references the advert aims at.

12th April 2013

He's also from the up ur viva ads :)

16th September 2012

Andy his name is Eric lampaert (think that's how you spell it) he has been in a few things

16th September 2012

The boss in this ad looks very familiar but I can't place him or find info online. Any ideas anyone ?

4th September 2012

Lol no worries was driving me nuts too :) just couldn't place her

4th September 2012

That's it - thanks a lot :)

4th September 2012

Christine, I have found out lol, she is Jessica Ransom. Was the receptionist from doc Martin :)

4th September 2012

Yea I know- I have been trying to place her all last night ?

3rd September 2012

Who is the lady in the advert? Does anyone know? It's driving me crazy I know her from somewhere :)

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