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Sky slammed for 'misleading' online movie rental service ad

Thursday, August 30th 2012 by Nigel Adie
ASA bans 'misleading' ad for Sky's online movie service

The ASA has banned an advert for the Sky Store online movie rental service.

Sky has been banned from using an advert for its Sky Store online movie rental service that claimed customers are able to watch films "instantly".

Rival communications and entertainment giant BT complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) about the press ad, challenging whether the claims misleadingly exaggerated the speeds with which subscribers could access the content.

The regulator agreed with BT's view, stating that the majority of customers could expect delays of up to a minute before the movie they rented is available to view. This is not within "reasonable expectations" for a service described as 'instant', the ASA insisted.

"We therefore considered that the ad had exaggerated the capabilities of the service and we concluded that it was likely to mislead," the organisation explained in its assessment.

However, the ASA also declared that the majority of consumers would understand the video content they accessed via the internet would be affected by the capability of their home broadband connection.

In February, the regulator banned a Sky Movies advert that promoted a free Anytime+ wireless connector for customers with Sky's unlimited broadband and Sky Movies 1 and 2, without making it clear that the offer was only for new Anytime subscribers.

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