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Sky slammed over 'ridiculous' six-month broadband wait

Friday, February 6th 2015 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

A Sky customer who is approaching six months without home phone or broadband says the situation is “ridiculous”.

Chloe McKay moved into a new-build property last August with her boyfriend Grant Duguid but, despite numerous calls to Sky and BT Openreach, still has no internet connection and cannot use the on demand, catch up and boxset functions in her TV package.

Miss McKay placed an order for TV, phone and broadband with Sky last July ahead of her move to the new Duncansfield development in Elgin, Scotland.

Two set-top boxes were fitted by a Sky engineer on August 20 but Miss McKay was told a BT engineer would have to come out at a later date to connect the phone line.

“I phoned Sky when he left as we weren't aware that this was the case,” she told Cable.co.uk.

“They informed me that there was a delay with our order due to ‘line plant delay’.”

After further calls to Sky, Miss McKay was told that BT Openreach was waiting for developers Springfield to complete cabling in the house, even though the house was finished.

Official complaint

“I told Sky this but they wanted the building developer to phone a BT Openreach engineer themselves to confirm that the work had been done,” she said.

“Even once the developer had actually spoken to BT, they still said to Sky that there was outstanding work to do on the developers’ side.

“Eventually, BT said that Springfield's work had been completed and that [Openreach] had outstanding cabling work to do.”

Miss McKay made an official complaint to Sky on September 1 and has since received a number of ‘review’ phone calls that have failed to resolve the situation.

“I asked to speak to a manager on Friday, January 23 when I received another ‘review’. I am now beyond having patience for review phone calls which are of no use,” she said.

Miss McKay was told on Monday, January 26 that cabling work was now complete, but she is not convinced.

“I've been told this before,” she said. “The works were due to be completed on January 15 by BT.

'Black hole'

“I've been told a few times that the work has been done but then the next phone call is to say that there are still works outstanding. I'm just passed from pillar to post and wound up.

“I just don't know what to do as six months without internet and phone is just ridiculous. Mobile phone signal is rubbish at home too so it's a bit of a black hole.”

A Sky spokesperson said: “We share Ms McKay’s frustration at the delay to her line installation and we apologise that we have not been able to resolve the situation more quickly.

"Sky, like most other ISPs, is wholly reliant on BT Openreach in cases such as this and so unfortunately aren’t able to fix the issues ourselves.

"We have made clear to BT Openreach that customers should be able to expect a better standard of service and have done everything within our power to escalate Ms McKay’s case within BT Openreach in order to resolve it as swiftly as possible.”

According to the Openreach website, around a quarter of new landline and broadband installs require an engineer to visit the premises.

Between October and December last year, about 1% of these remained un-installed 31 days after the date set by the service provider. The average time it takes for Openreach to install a line is 14 days.

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