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Sky Sports aims to capitalise on ultra-HD following football trial

Monday, September 2nd 2013 by Nigel Adie
Sky Sports hoping to lead the way on ultra-HD technology

Barney Francis of Sky Sports says the broadcaster is well positioned to take advantage of ultra-HD technology.

Sky Sports claims it will be well positioned to capitalise on ultra-HD (UHD) broadcasting technology when compatible TV sets become affordable.

On Saturday (31 August 2013), Stoke City vs West Ham United became the first ever British football match to be aired live in UHD, with Sky carrying out the trial and beaming the footage to its London offices.

The BBC also tested the technology during the 2012 Olympic Games, sending ultra-clear pictures to a select few locations - including Broadcasting House - via a private high-speed broadband network.

However, Sky's trial was the first to send images around the country using satellites that are also utilised for commercial purposes.

Barney Francis, Managing Director of Sky Sports, told the Telegraph: "As and when affordable UHD TVs are available, over the next few years, our early leadership will position us well.

"We want to keep bringing our customers the innovations that improve the experience of watching TV."

Sky's tests involved four Sony TVs costing £25,000 each, but smaller sets priced at around £4,000 are available and prices are expected to drop rapidly.

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