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Slow broadband is costing UK workers 8 days a year

Thursday, July 30th 2015 by Ellen Branagh

UK workers waste more than eight days a year because of slow internet connections, a new survey has found.

The survey by satellite broadband provider Europasat found that every day each worker in the UK wastes an average of 15.52 minutes, which works out at more than eight working days a year.

The poll, which asked 1,000 people questions about their internet connections at work and at home, found that three quarters of people (75.9%) spend time waiting for emails to load and 71.9% also have to wait for them to send.

69.6% of UK workers experience problems with buffering on videos and other media, and 82.7% wait around for slow web pages to load.

Almost three quarters (73%) are unable to access websites due to poor internet connections, and 79% of UK workers think a better internet connection would help them in their current job role.

Decent internet connections are not just a problem at work, with 77.8% of UK workers getting further delays at home, according to the survey.

One in five people rate their broadband as being pretty slow at home, and the same amount of people attributed accidental purchases, lost orders or security breaches to ‘slow broadband’.

Half of people (49.9%) said they don’t think they get the internet speed they pay for and a further 10.2% were not sure.

'Fourth utility'

When faced with a slow internet connection, more than a third (35.6%) of the nation will go and make food or drink and a quarter (25.6%) use the bathroom.

This is much more productive than the 13.1% that the survey found shout and sigh at the screen.

Jonny Robinson, chief marketing officer at Europasat, said: "A fast internet connection is increasingly viewed as a vital utility at work and home – it’s kind of the electricity of the 21st century.

"At Europasat we think of it as the ‘fourth utility’ (after electricity, heating and water).

"You’ll find that many inescapable facets of everyday life are moving or have already moved online, and for you to get the best value and benefit from them you need a fast broadband internet connection."

Cable.co.uk previously reported the results of a survey that showed poor broadband is holding back the productivity of Brits who work from home.

Research by gigabit broadband provider Hyperoptic suggested that people work longer hours at home but still feel they are more productive in the office, largely due to poor connectivity at home.

Hyperoptic’s survey of 3,000 people found that 90% said their home broadband is slower than their office business connection, with problems such as dropped video calls and time spent uploading and downloading files eating into their productivity.

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