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Small businesses plagued by dropped mobile calls

Wednesday, November 5th 2014 by Dean Reilly

Business owners who rely on mobile phones are getting a poorer service than those who mainly use landlines, a new survey has found.

The study by RootMetrics surveyed 1,000 UK businesses that use mobiles as their main means of communication and found that 46% are losing multiple important calls on a daily basis.

The survey also found that 99% of business owners surveyed had experienced a dropped mobile call while conducting business on the phone.

Julie Dey, vice president of marketing at RootMetrics told Cable.co.uk that although the statistic was high, the complexities of mobile networks could go some way to explaining the findings.

She said: “I think that at the base of that statistic it sounds terrible, that almost everyone experiences a dropped call. But then call networks are really complex, so it’s difficult for them to work perfectly all the time.

“I think consumer tolerance for dropped calls on a network is very low. They really expect it to work every time. You need it to work when you need it to work.

"It’s highly frustrating, so hopefully we’re able to provide operators with this insight so they can improve their own networks so ultimately small business owners and consumers will experience a much higher quality of network.”

Call performance in London was found to be particularly poor, with the capital ranked just 14th out of the 16 cities sampled.

When asked about why London call performance is worse than in cities including Liverpool, Coventry, Cardiff and Manchester, the vice president of marketing added: “As we are measuring all of these markets there are these natural assumptions that the larger are going to have the best performance because there are more people there. It was very fascinating for us that we found that this wasn’t necessarily the case.

“As for why we think that London is not performing as well, it’s interesting. Our tests are designed to characterise that real world mobile consumer experience so our focus in this is the testing and what we’re finding.

“We do get into some of the underlying reasons why, but there wasn’t an obvious ‘aha!’ statistic that helps us shine a light on why London was ranked lower.

"That said, I think you could look at the fact that London is such a large city, with a very high population in quite a dense area, and I think you could make the conclusion that congestion and high amounts of usage are impacting on the experience that users have on their network.”

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