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Here are the best family-friendly Christmas movies to watch on Netflix

Wednesday, December 6th 2017 by Oprah Flash

There are just 19 days to go until Christmas is here and by now you’ve probably already put up your decorations and started scoffing all the chocolate from your advent calendars (we won’t judge you if you have more than one).

Next on the to-do list is to plan how to keep the family entertained over the holidays and Netflix has some classic films and animations that are guaranteed to get you in the festive spirit.

There is a wide range of Christmassy films available on the streaming site this year but is it even a Christmas film if there aren’t any goofy shenanigans mixed in with cheesy Christmas spirit?

We’ve picked out some of the best ones for you and your family to enjoy.

Jingle All the Way

You can’t deny that when it comes to Christmas films. the oldies are the goodies so first on our list is Jingle All the Way

Who doesn’t love one of Arnie’s cheesy films from the 90’s? Jingle All the Way is everyone’s guilty pleasure and perfect to keep kids, teenagers and adults entertained this Christmas.

The movie focuses on a desperate dad (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who takes on a sleazy Santa, a stressed-out mailman and a crowd of parents to get his hands on a hot new toy on Christmas Eve.

Decks the Halls

Two more cheesy comedy favourites Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick bring Christmas to life with Deck the Halls.

A rivalry between neighbours sees DeVito’s character competing with Broderick's character over who can create the best house decorations, bright enough to be seen from space.

Netflix has described the film as “wacky” so you can already imagine some flying Christmas lights and middle-aged guys slipping on ice before you have even watched the trailer.

Miracle On 34th Street

Cheesy movies to the side for the next choice, this one will tug on your heart-strings.

This sweet remake of the 1947 classic truly brings the magic of Christmas to your living room. Tissues at the ready as Mara Wilson, (who goes on to star in Matilda) plays Susan, a young girl who befriends a shopping centre Father Christmas, who turns out to be the real deal.

Through the course of the movie she discovers dreams do come true if you really believe.


We’re back to the comedy with Bill Murray in Scrooged. The 80’s Christmas classic sees a cold-hearted TV producer get a rude awakening to what Christmas really means to him. Of course as the name suggests there is a Dicken’s A Christmas Carol twist.

Great movie if you’re a sucker for seeing a character’s heart melt as they are warmed up by Christmas spirit.

Arthur Christmas

If you were wondering when an animation would make it into the list now is the time. Arthur Christmas is set in Santa Claus's classified toy-making facility. After all these years you’ll finally be let into the secret that of what place beneath the North Pole each year.

When the unthinkable happens, Mr. Claus gives his son, Arthur, an urgent mission that must be completed before Christmas morning dawns.

A Christmas Prince

We’re divided over this Christmas film. It’s exactly the type of film you somehow end up watching over the holidays. Its cheesy, with the obvious girl meets boy storyline that you love to hate.

An aspiring young journalist is sent abroad to get the scoop on a prince as he prepares to step up and become king.

You might love it, you might hate it but give it a try and see how you feel. There is definitely some Christmassy warmness thrown in there and be ready for some The Princess Diary vibes but not quite as funny.

Rise of the Guardians

This Golden Globe nominated fantasy is the perfect tale of good vs evil. Santa Claus joins forces with the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and other mythical beings to battle a malicious spirit determined to destroy the innocent beliefs and dreams of children across the world.

A great film for kids with a nice message that adults will enjoy as well.

Dreamworks Home for the Holidays

This one is for the younger kids. It is cheesy with a mix of cheese and a side helping of extra cheese. This is another film where you may be divided. The younger kids will love it and if it’s not quite to your taste it only lasts 45 minutes.

It’s a wacky, feel-good movie where Oh takes it upon himself to introduce Christmas joy to his fellow Boovs. Unfortunately, his well-meaning mission nearly destroys the city. Singer Kelly Clarkson makes a guest appearance.

Casper’s Haunted Christmas

Last but not least is Casper the friendly ghost, a treat for the whole family to make up for the cheese.

Typical Casper faces getting into a heap of trouble with Kibosh, supreme ruler of all ghosts, unless he frightens at least one person before Christmas Day.

The Ghostly Trio, fed up with his goody-boo-shoes behavior, secretly hire Casper's look-alike cousin Spooky to do the job-with hilarious results.

All of these films are now available to watch on Netflix on TV or a smart device. A range of providers has made it easier for you to stream content with a range of offers and features.

Go Binge on Three - Unlimited data for Netflix

Three has added Go Binge to its pay-monthly Advanced plans which is ideal if you spend a lot of time streaming content on the go. The provider has teamed up with video and music streaming sites including Netflix , TVPlayer, Apple Music, Deezer and SoundCloud.

As long a you have some of your data allowance left you can log onto to Netflix and binge-watch your favourite movie or stream an album on Deezer without using up any of your tariff.

Free Netflix from Virgin Media

In the run up to Christmas Virgin Media has added a free 6-month Netflix subscription to the entertainment bundles.

If you sign up before Monday 18 December to the Mix, Full House, Full House Movies or VIP bundle you’ll get your free Netflix subscription.

Prices range from £46 a month for the Mix TV Bundle to £91 a month for the VIP TV Bundle.

Vodafone Video Pass - Unlimited data for Netflix

Vodafone has recently introduced a range of Video, Chat, Social and Music passes that you can add to your pay-monthly plan.

If you want to binge-watching some movies from your phone and you are a Vodafone customer, the Vodafone Video Pass for £7 a month is your worth looking into. You’ll be able to watch content on Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video and DisneyLife without having to worry about any data limits.

The price will go up to £9 a month in April 2018.


If you go straight to the source, Netflix offers a free 30-day trial then costs £5.99 a month for the basic subscription. For the standard package with HD streaming and the ability to watch it on two screen at one time it’s £7.99 a month.

The premium package is £9.99 a month for Ultra HD and the ability to have four of family or friends stream on a different screen at the same time.

Top titles like Stranger Things, Narcos and Orange is the New Black are all available to watch on the service with new show releases announced each month.

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