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Sony Crime Channel to launch in the UK on 6 February 2018

Friday, February 2nd 2018 by Mike Whitehead

It's good news for all you crime buffs and amateur sleuths out there as Sony launches its new, free-to-air, Sony Crime Channel hosting a selection of the best scripted and unscripted crime-themed entertainment.

From 9pm on 6 February, Sony kicks off festivities with a special launch night, broadcasting Sony Crime Channel simultaneously across its sister channels True Entertainment and truTV bringing the best the channel has to offer straight to its biggest audience. The fun begins with Person of Interest from 9pm, CSI at 10pm all followed by the free-to-air premiere of Orange is the New Black at 11pm.

By bringing the genre all under one roof, crime aficionados can indulge to their hearts content across a range of award-winning shows, thrilling real-life stories and incredible characters. This also marks the first time, the emmy-award winning Orange is the New Black has been made available free-to-air.

In addition, viewers can also feast on another award-winning drama, Line Of Duty, catch the UK premiere of Real Detective: North of the Border and what crime channel would be complete without CSI and Law & Order?

Thankfully, you don’t need to hire Columbo to find it, you can view the Sony Crime Channel on Freeview channel 60, YouView channel 60, and Sky channel 157. It will then launch later in the month on Freesat channel 143 from 13 February. Here's what’s coming, and when, on the new channel.

Orange is the New Black (Series 1-4): Double Bill every Saturday at 9pm

Originally launched in July, 2013 for Netflix, the series is based on Piper Kerman’s memoir, Orange Is The New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison. The comedy-drama has quickly built up a huge following and has become Netflix’s most-watched original series. With the fifth season launching in June, 2017 and season six and seven now in the works this heart-warming series won’t be getting parole any time soon.

If you get through seasons 1-4 why not check out season five currently available to stream on Netflix. You can even get a free trial for a month if you don't want to pay for it.

Line of Duty (Series 1-3): Sundays at 9pm

Winner of the Royal Television Society Award for Best Drama Series, police procedural series Line of Duty is one of the most popular drama series broadcast on BBC Two and included in a list of the 80 best BBC shows of all time.

Following anti-corruption unit AC-12 and starring Vicky McClure and Adrian Dunbar, this is essential viewing for any crime genre fan.

Person of Interest (Series 1-5): Weekdays at 9pm

This American sci-fi crime drama centres on a reclusive billionaire who creates a supercomputer able to predict future crimes before they happen. He teams up with an ex-CIA agent who was presumed dead to try and control ‘The Machine’. Starring Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson.

If you’d prefer to bingewatch an entire season in one sitting, again you'll need a Netflix subscription, available from £5.99 a month, or at the very least a free trial.

CSI (Series 11): Weekdays at 6pm

Launching on Sony Crime Channel from series 11, starring Marg Helgenberger and Laurence Fishburne. Following a team of crime-scene-investigators as they use all the physical evidence available to them to solve murders and more.

Law & Order (Series 14): Weekdays at 3pm

Set in New York City, this multi-award winning drama famously follows a two-part approach with the first part focusing on the investigation of a crime and the second part on the prosecution of the defendant.

Hustle (Series 1): Weekdays at 7pm

Following the exploits of a group of confidence tricksters who specialise in the long con. Starring Robert Glenister and Robert Vaughn.

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