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Get free Sony MDR-10RC headphones with Vodafone Xperia L1 PAYG deal

Tuesday, January 16th 2018 by Luke Albiges

Here's a great little tech bundle for anyone in the market for both a budget phone and a sweet new pair of headphones – Vodafone is offering the Sony Xperia L1 handset and a set of Sony MDR-10RC headphones for just £119 with any pay-as-you-go package.

£119 works out less than the RRP of the handset alone, so it's even more appealing a deal given the £99 RRP of the headphones bundled in for free. While the Xperia L1 may be a relatively modest handset with its 5.5” 720p display, the value-for-money offered by this bundle is undeniable, especially for music lovers – that's a nice set of cans right there and for a little extra, you're getting a decent spare phone that you could take to gigs or festivals without worrying too much about losing it.

Alternatively, it'd make a fine phone for a first-timer or younger family member, which just happens to come with a great pair of particularly noisy earmuffs with which to drown out their whining about not getting them the latest iPhone (which they'd only drop in a puddle anyway).

Joking aside, the Xperia L1 is a perfectly serviceable Android handset for the price, and Vodafone's supporting range of PAYG options plays into its affordability equally well.

Pay as you go options

There are two options here. Big Value Bundles offer monthly rollover tiers of varying values and amounts for full flexibility. Meanwhile, the Pay As You Go 1 option is particularly neat, with a maximum daily spend of £1 of your prepaid credit, after which all calls and texts for the day are completely free, along with up for 500MB of data.

While the L1 might not match up to the latest Apple or Samsung handsets in terms of performance, the trade-off is that you don't need to worry about charging it every eight minutes.

In fact, the lower power draw of a lower resolution screen and more modest processor means it can make it through several days of low-to-moderate usage without charging – another feather in its cap as a great festival burner phone, as well as the peace of mind of not having to look around for a plug socket every time you walk into a room.

Availability on this fantastic bundle deal is limited, so you'll probably want to move fast if you want a free set of Sony headphones with your new Android handset. It's a great freebie – particularly for a non-contract deal – so jump on it soon if you fancy it.

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