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John Lewis knocks £5 a month off the cost of its fibre broadband

Thursday, November 9th 2017 by Oprah Flash

John Lewis Broadband is offering savings on all of its broadband packages including up to £60 over the course of the year on fibre broadband.

The special offers last until Tuesday 21 November and applies to the Unlimited, Fibre and Fibre Extra broadband packages. They all include a free router and no additional setup charges.

The Unlimited Broadband package has been reduced by £2.50 a month under the special offer. This is an annual saving of £30. With this package you’ll get download speeds up to 17Mbps with unlimited usage for £20 a month. The contract lasts 12 months, after which you’ll pay £26.50.

The 17Mbps package includes evening and weekend calls within the monthly cost. To add anytime inclusive calls to UK landlines to the package you’ll have to pay an extra £5 a month.

For fibre broadband that will let you surf the net more smoothly with less chance of being haunted by the loading wheel of doom, John Lewis offers a fibre package with download speeds up to 38Mbps. This costs £27.50 a month which has been reduced from £32.50. For the first year you’ll save £60 if you sign up within the next two weeks. After the first year you’ll pay £38 a month.

The fibre broadband package includes evening and weekend calls. To chat during the week without fear of racking up the costs you can add anytime calls to UK landlines for an extra £5 a month. You will still be charged for calls to mobiles with either the evening and weekend or anytime add-on.

For “the next generation of internet connectivity” as John Lewis Broadband describes it, the Fibre Extra plan offers up to 76Mbps download speeds with unlimited usage.

This package now costs £32.50 a month over a 12 month contract. After month 13 expect to see your monthly bill change to £43 a month.

Under the special offer the price has been dropped from £36.50 so you’ll make a saving of £48 during your first year. Just like the other packages this deal only includes evening and weekend calls so to add anytime inclusive calls to UK landlines it’s an additional £5 a month.

With all of the John Lewis Broadband packages there’ll be an extra £49.99 to pay if you need a new phone line installed in your home.

John Lewis Broadband is provided by Plusnet’s network. The internet service provider warns that the price, content and terms may change at any point during your contract. If this happens it will let you know and you’ll have the right to leave your contract penalty-free.

Is it easy to switch?

John Lewis Broadband says after you sign up to one of its packages it will contact your current provider and look after the details of the switch for you. Once you receive a letter from your current provider confirming the request to transfer service, you’ll have to get in touch with your bank to cancel the Direct Debit.

It will take up to 12 working days to switch your service but John Lewis Broadband says you’ll still have internet access during the transition.

If you are unhappy with the new speeds you receive after switching and the faults team can confirm that its falls below the Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed that John Lewis promised you when you signed up, you have the right to leave without paying any early termination fees.

You’ll get the information about the Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed after signing up to John Lewis Broadband’s service.

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