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Spotify to launch on the Sky Q box in Spring

Tuesday, February 27th 2018 by Emma Woollacott

Need a little more music in your life? Good news: Spotify is coming to Sky's home entertainment service, Sky Q, in the UK and Ireland.

The Spotify app will be accessible via the Sky Q homepage and, along with the recently-launched Sky Soundbox speaker, will give you a high-quality home music system with access to the world’s largest global music streaming subscription service.

You'll be spoiled for choice, with over 35 million songs from global superstars such as Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Drake, as well as a library of curated playlists such as Hot Hits UK, Easy 90s and Massive Dance Hits.

"By adding Spotify to the platform in the UK and Ireland, we are offering customers the very best in home entertainment all in one place," says Stephen van Rooyen, Sky's chief executive for the UK and Ireland.

"The arrival of the world’s biggest and most popular music streaming service is a great addition to the platform as it will allow TV buffs and music fans to switch between their favourite shows, online video apps and music in an instant."

Customers will be able to use the ad-supported Spotify service for free, getting access to unlimited free songs. You get shuffle play, but have to put up with adverts, fewer skips and no downloads.

35 million tracks all in one place

Alternatively, you can opt for a premium account, costing £9.99 a month, which gives access to exclusive features including offline mode, unlimited skips, improved sound quality, Spotify Connect and ad-free listening.

And as well as using Sky Soundbox, customers can bump up their existing Sky Q audio services with the ability to stream to TV speakers via AirPlay or Bluetooth.

One frequent criticism of Spotify is that it has fewer tracks than Apple Music's 45 million-plus - although, frankly, 35 million should be plenty for most. And with the company tipped for a stock listing in the next few months, there's pressure on it to broaden its library.

And its discovery features are top-notch, creating custom-built playlists and alerting you to new releases from your favourite artists; meanwhile following friends’ Discover Weekly playlists will help you find even more of the stuff that you like.

And there's a few other changes coming to Sky Q too: greater personalisation based on your viewing habits and improvements to voice functionality that let you ask for personalised recommendations such as 'show movies for me'.

There's also a new, wide-screen, user interface on the way, and a promise that the amount of Ultra HD content available will double this year to over 1,000 hours, including the whole Spider-Man franchise.

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