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£21 per month broadband deal from SSE is now open to all

Wednesday, January 24th 2018 by Oprah Flash

It’s just a bit too dreary outside for anybody’s liking but don’t worry we have some good news to warm your cockles. You no longer have to be an energy customer to get SSE’s exclusive broadband prices.

The provider has dropped the extra £5 a month fee for those just looking to get their hands on a broadband deal, so both energy and non-energy customers pay now the same price.

SSE is best known for being one of the ‘big six’ energy providers but has been supplying broadband for nearly 10 years.

For the basic broadband package with speeds up to 17Mbps, SSE is charging £21 a month. This price is standard for both energy and non-energy customers.

With the Unlimited Broadband package you get download speeds up to 17Mbps. This is not guaranteed and the speeds you do get depend on a range of factors from where you are to when you use it. This package is fine for smaller households to carry out basic everyday internet activities like shopping or catching up on emails.

If there are more of you at home or you like to stream a lot of content you’re better off choosing a fibre broadband package. SSE’s Unlimited Fibre package gives you download speeds up to 38Mbps for £24 a month.

Apart from Vodafone’s deal (£20 a month), this is pretty much in line with the prices the other internet service providers are currently offering for speeds up to 38Mbps. Plusnet’s Unlimited Fibre is £23.99 a month with no set-up fee and TalkTalk’s Faster Fibre is £25 a month so SSE’s deal slots nicely in the middle.

Broadband from £21 a month plus access to presale tickets

SSE’s fastest broadband package gives you speeds up to 72Mbps and it will cost you £30 a month. This package is better for you if you have a larger household who plan to stream HD films while downloading large files at the same time.

These prices just cover your broadband and line rental. You have the ability to make calls but this can prove to be costly as its on a pay as you go basis.

For inclusive anytime landline calls it’s an extra £7 a month or £12 for anytime plus which gives you calls to local and national landlines, as well as calls abroad in 35 countries.

These prices are new for 2018. Before this you’d have had to pay £5 a month more for your broadband if used another provider for your utilities.

It’s undeniable that if you’re decide to choose SSE as your broadband provider there are some perks to already paying your energy bills through SSE.

For example, after the first year there will be a £9 a month surcharge on your phone and broadband package if you’re not an energy customer.

You’ll also notice an extra £30 appear on your first bill. This is a one-off charge to cover the cover of set-up for non-energy customers. This has been knocked down from £50.

SSE has promised the price will be fixed for three years once you sign up to one of its broadband packages. As you probably already anticipated, there is a catch, this three year fixed price is only for energy customers. If you’re completely new to SSE and just sign up to a broadband plan its fixed for just 12 months.

Don’t worry it’s not all doom and gloom for non-energy customers there are some extra rewards to look forward to as well.

SSE customers get exclusive access to presale event tickets 48 hours before general release for The SSE Arena Belfast, The SSE Arena Wembley and The SSE Hydro in Glasgow.

There are also one-off prizes and competitions and upgrades SSE lounges up for grabs as well.

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