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Subsea fibre optic cable severance causes Shetland broadband outage

Friday, March 22nd 2013 by Paul France
Shetland suffers broadband outage due to severed fibre optic cable

Broadband services have been lost by some Shetland people due to the severance of a subsea fibre optic cable.

Some of Shetland's broadband users have lost their service after a subsea cable was damaged on Wednesday morning (March 20th).

The SHEFA2 cable was severed south of Orkney and BT engineers have been working to re-route traffic via the older FARICE1 cable, Shetland News reports.

However, the company warned that the operation is complex and could take up to five days to complete. BT subscribers have actually suffered minimal disruption, with TalkTalk customers among those more badly affected.

Staff at the Alder Lodge guesthouse in Lerwick could only access the internet via a smartphone after the cable severance and bemoaned the timing of the outage.

"We are very busy at the moment and this is the time of year that people are booking for the summer," the guesthouse's Keith Anderson told the newspaper.

Faroese Telecom, the operator of the SHEFA2 cable, said it will take up to ten days to deploy a ship from Calais to repair the damage.

In July last year, an outage involving four BT radio masts on Shetland caused the local coastguard to lose access to its emergency communications network.

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