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Switch to Green Star Energy and earn rewards with its perks tariffs

Monday, February 19th 2018 by Marc Shoffman

It’s not easy being green, so Kermit the Frog claims. But perhaps he never tried switching energy.

Renewable supplier Green Star Energy is offering a reward programme for switchers coming over to its Rate Saver + Perks plan.

Green Star Energy takes its electric power from hydroelectric generators and wind turbines, and is in the process of finding a reliable way to source green gas.

But as well as telling your friends about your green credentials, you can also earn rewards to buy stuff.

Perks equal points and once you sign up you will need to activate your account to start receiving your right to prizes.

You will get perks once your account is activated and each quarter. Points can then be spent either on energy saving devices or be put towards gift cards from a variety of popular shopping, dining and entertainment options such as Sainsbury’s, iTunes, Argos, Boots and many more.

New customers will also receive a Pebble power bank, handy for charging your gadgets on the go.

You can sign up to these and start earning points on a single fuel or dual fuel plan.

Added security

These perks are available on the Green Star Energy Rate Saver + Perks tariffs. There is a choice of 12, 18 or 24-month fixed term deals.

Fixing your rate gives you added security as the way your bill is calculated won’t change for the duration of your contract. Plus, the longer you fix for, the more points you get, and more points means more perks and more prizes!

The Rate Saver 12 month + Perks tariff gives you 1,250 Perks points per fuel and an additional 250 points per fuel for every three months you’re with Green Star Energy.

However, if you go with an 18 or 24-month tariff, you will earn 2,500 Perks points per fuel and an additional 500 points per fuel every quarter. There is a £30 exit fee for each fuel if you want to leave early.

As much as free stuff sound nice, it is also important to look at the cost of the deal.

The 12-month tariff would cost £80.76 a month and £969.12 over a year based on the average gas and electricity usage in the UK.

Green Star Energy uses different calculations on the 18 and 24-month deals. A typical household on the 18-month tariff would cost £87.72 a month or £1,578 over the contract term, while the 24-month option comes to £90.30 a month and £2,167 over two years.

These are competitive deals and you do get the added perks from points you earn, but there are cheaper options on the market.

OneSelect has a 12-month tariff that costs £66.79 a month and £801.49 over a year or if you want a longer term fixed deal, Green Network Energy has an 18-month fix at £74.35 a month and £892.22 over a year or £1,338 over the contract.

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