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TalkTalk broadband network hits new traffic high as Apple releases iOS 9

Thursday, September 24th 2015 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

The release of Apple's latest operating system helped traffic on TalkTalk’s broadband network hit a new high last week.

A peak of 1.96Tbps – the equivalent to downloading 80,000 songs a second – was reached on Thursday following record-breaking days on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The increase in traffic has been attributed largely to the release of iOS 9, the eagerly-awaited upgrade for iPhones and iPads.

The release also coincided with the return of Champions League football and an increased demand for video as consumers spend more time at home in the autumn and winter months.

TalkTalk’s chief technology officer Gary Steen, writing in a blog on the provider’s website, said: “TalkTalk has seen traffic double year on year, which means the rate of increase in broadband demand is also up. Normally network traffic doubles every 18 months.

“Some research we conducted recently showed that Brits now have twice as many connected devices in their homes as they did five years ago and almost half think internet access is as important as running water and electricity.

“A quarter said they couldn’t live without broadband for even one day.”

The research was based on the findings of a YouGov survey, which found the average charge for exceeding data usage in a month is £11.30.

TalkTalk calculated that customers could be handing over £140m to internet providers selling packages with data limits no longer suitable for people’s needs.

'On their terms'

It also cited Ofcom research that showed the average UK household uses 58GB of data each month – much more than the 10-40GB monthly limit offered in most packages.

“At TalkTalk we understand how important the internet is to our customers’ lives,” said Mr Steen.

“We know they want to enjoy the big sporting occasions on their terms; we know they’re enjoying more movies and TV on demand than ever – on more devices than ever.

“That’s why we’re the only provider to offer completely unlimited data usage and won’t slow customers down even at peak times on any of our broadband packages.

“And it’s why, every year, we increase the capacity and size of our network to deliver what our customers expect.”

BT responded to TalkTalk's previous claims by saying that only a small percentage of customers exceed their monthly allowance, and most people who opt for limited broadband deals do so because they use less data.

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