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TalkTalk condemns Bono's 'misguided' filesharing claims

Wednesday, January 6th 2010 by Cable.co.uk

Recent claims made by Bono on the topic of illegal filesharing have been branded "misguided" by broadband provider TalkTalk.

Broadband provider TalkTalk has described U2 singer Bono's views on illegal filesharing as "seriously misguided", it has been revealed.

The company, which offers broadband and home phone services in bundles, has claimed the star's column on the issue in the New York Times included several inaccuracies.

According to the firm, claims that broadband providers generate revenue through filesharing are incorrect and the need for extra bandwidth means they often incur costs.

In addition, calls for efforts to tackle filesharing to follow a similar plan as those used against child pornography were branded "outrageous".

TalkTalk stated: "If the Digital Economy Bill as it is currently framed becomes law, it will become legal to summarily disconnect someone for alleged copyright abuse but if you want to disconnect them for accessing child abuse images then you will have to get a court order first."

The court issue is one reason why the internet service provider is against government plans to introduce a three-strikes policy to cut illegal filesharing. It also claims that widespread Wi-FI hijacking means innocent parties could also face disconnection.

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