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TalkTalk fibre broadband deal with £70 cashback through Cable.co.uk

Thursday, February 15th 2018 by Oprah Flash

Did you get that necklace you’ve been dropping hints about for Valentine’s day? No? Don’t worry because we have some news about a treat that will lift your spirits.

TalkTalk is giving away a juicy £70 eGift when you sign up to a fibre broadband package. It’s not for everyone though, the cashback reward is exclusive to customers buying their broadband through Cable.co.uk.

There are four eGift cards to choose from, either Amazon, Pizza Express, Tesco or Debenhams. Feel free to call us when you’re ordering the pizza, we’ll happily help you eat it.

As you may have guessed from the name, you can only use the cashback when making purchases online. The free cashback offer lasts up until Thursday (22 March), so you’ve got a week to snatch up the cream-of-the-crop deal.

After you’ve picked your package, gone through to purchase and your service has been set-up, TalkTalk will send you instructions on how to choose your reward.

This will happen roughly 60 days after you complete your purchase, then you’ll have up to three months to make your claim, after which the eGift card will be sent to you either via email or to your mobile phone.

If you think you can be cheeky and get both an Amazon and a Tesco card, sorry to burst your bubble but you can only claim one reward card per sale.

You can only get the bonus by signing up to a Faster Broadband plan through Cable.co.uk. If you go directly to TalkTalk’s website you’ll miss out.

Unlimited fibre broadband from £25 a month

TalkTalk’s Faster Fibre broadband package comes with download speeds up to 38Mbps over a 12-month contract. The usage is unlimited so you’re free to binge on shows and download music as much as you want without running up extra charges. The plan costs £25 a month and there is nothing to pay upfront.

TalkTalk promises you’ll pay this fixed price throughout your minimum term agreement, so you won’t have to worry about mid-contract price-hikes.

The reward card is also included in the Faster Fibre and TV package which is the same price, £25 a month. With this deal you get the same broadband connection mention above, along with a TV box supplying 103 Freeview channels.

You will have to pay £25 upfront to cover the cost of the TV box which also lets you pause and rewind live TV. On demand players like BBC iPlayer can be watched on your telly through the TV box as well as Netflix, provided you have a subscription.

While this is a brilliant deal, TalkTalk is not the only provider giving away cashback. Sky is giving away £50 with all of its broadband deals while BT is giving away up to £120 and EE offers up to £125 cashback.

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