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TalkTalk offers by far the cheapest way to get a year of Sky Sports until 17 August

Wednesday, August 9th 2017 by Dan Howdle

TalkTalk has launched what it has described as its ’best ever Sky Sports deal’ in an attempt to lure some new customers – or perhaps tempt back some leavers.

The deal, which runs to 17 August includes TalkTalk's 'Fast Broadband' – its naming convention, not a descriptor – for £28.45 per month on a 12-month contract. That's for the up to 17Mb ADSL broadband.

TalkTalk is also making the deal available on its 38Mb 'Faster Fibre' – again, its own naming convention – for an all-in price of £35 per month for 12 months.

Of course, you have to sign up to TalkTalk's broadband service to take advantage of this deal, but when you take away the cost of the broadband, Sky Sports itself comes out at only £8.50 per month in both cases.

This compares to £20 per month if you get Sky Sports direct from Sky with no broadband, or £31.75 from Virgin Media with no broadband.

Sky's own internet-only TV delivery service Now TV will charge you £20 per month for a similar offering, again without broadband included.

As the deal includes a broadband contract, you'll have to check you're outside the terms of your own or switching may cost you in early exit fees.

Current TalkTalk broadband customers can take on this offer for an additional £8.50 per month on top of their existing monthly subscription premium, on a flexible 30-day rolling contract basis.

New customers should note, however, that this is a bundle deal, meaning you cannot exit the Sky Sports element in the manner described above for existing customers – you are tied in for the full 12 months.

Prices at TalkTalk are fixed, so there will be no mid-contract price rises, and you can add any of a number of flexible home phone options to the deal at additional cost.

Set-up is free and TalkTalk will supply you with both a router and a TalkTalk TV set-top box so you can receive the services.

This deal includes eight Sky Sports channels, including the two new ones: Sky Sports Action and Sky Sports Arena.

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