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TalkTalk warns innocent web users will be targeted by DEA

Friday, October 21st 2011 by Paul France
Innocent web users 'will be targeted by DEA'

Andrew Heaney of TalkTalk has further criticised the controversial Digital Economy Act.

TalkTalk's strategy and regulation boss Andrew Heaney has warned the Digital Economy Act (DEA) in its current form will punish the innocent in its attempt to crack down on illegal filesharing.

Speaking at a Westminster eForum organised to discuss issues surrounding the implementation of the controversial legislation, Mr Heaney described the DEA as an "indiscriminate dragnet".

"The attempt to deter infringers will catch and punish innocent subscribers," he warned.

Mr Heaney stressed TalkTalk is not opposed to the process of sending warning letters to suspected filesharers or condoning piracy, but claimed the DEA is not the right way to go about tackling the problem.

It is unfair that the user whose name is on the broadband account should be targeted by the letters regardless of whether they are the guilty party, he added.

The TalkTalk chief has been a leading figure in TalkTalk's opposition to the legislation and has argued it was rushed through parliament with an "alarming lack of proper scrutiny".

He also believes the act will prove to be "hugely expensive" due to an underestimation of the likely running costs from the previous government.

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