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The cheapest iPhone deal in the January sales is £17 a month

Wednesday, January 10th 2018 by Oprah Flash

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to be more savvy with your spending but you’re eager to get your hands on an iPhone, the iPhone SE is a happy compromise as there are a range of cheap deals available.

The iPhone SE is a budget version of Apple’s flagship handsets that still gives you some of the features that other iPhone users enjoy but for a fraction of price.

Its shape and design are very similar to the iPhone 5S which remained popular for many years after its release.

In comparison to many other smartphones on the market at the moment, the iPhone SE is a pocket-sized phone standing at 5.9cm with a 4-inch screen. Apple is renowned for its high-quality phone cameras and the iPhone SE has a 12MP iSight camera for sharper more detailed photos as well as the capability to shoot 4K videos.

The model we’re talking about here has 32GB of internal storage for storing apps, pictures and music. You’ll have to be economical with what you choose to store on the phone as there is no external port to support the use of a memory card.

You’ll be able to use most of the typical iPhone features such as Touch ID fingerprint sensor for unlocking the phone and confirming payments with Apple Pay, FaceTime and back-up storage on iCloud.

Most mobile providers are currently stocking the iPhone SE but it can often be hard to choose the best deal. We’ve done the hard work for you and searched the market for the deal with the lowest pay-monthly price.

iPhone SE from £17 a month

Virgin Media Mobile is currently offering the cheapest pay-monthly contract for the iPhone SE.

Over a 24-month contract you can get your hands on the device for £17 a month. This will give you 1.2GB of data each month as well as 300 minutes and unlimited texts.

If you’re worried that 1.2GB of data is not a lot for such a hi-tech phone, Virgin Media offers a separate unlimited data allowance exclusively for messaging on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter. Combined with switching your 4G off and using a wi-fi connection whenever you can, this should be enough to get you by.

If it’s not, for £24 a month from Virgin Media you can also get the iPhone SE with a higher data allowance. You’ll get 12GB of data with 2,500 minutes and unlimited texts. This happens to be the best-value deal on the market at the moment, in our humble opinion.

The Data Rollover feature from Virgin Media allows you to keep any data you didn’t use one month and add it on to your tariff for the following month. The provider also offers more flexibility. You will be locked into a minimum term contract of 24 months, this is non-negotiable but you can change your data plan to suit your needs.

With all this in mind, there is a sneaky deal from BT to look out for. Initially it appears to be the cheapest on the market. At £13.50 a month for 6GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts it seems to be cheaper than Virgin Media’s offering, however this price is only for the first six months. After month seven, your wallet will be £27 lighter each month.

BT does have a pay-monthly package for the iPhone SE that could rival Virgin Media’s cheap deal. The Great Value Plan is £17 a month for 500MB, 400 minutes and unlimited texts over a 24-month contract. The monthly cost stays the same throughout the contract so no sneaky bits here but there is a £60 fee to pay upfront which does make it slightly more expensive than Virgin Media.

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