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The five best green energy deals on the market right now

Wednesday, January 17th 2018 by Marc Shoffman

From charges for plastic bags to reusable coffee cups, going green is becoming more important.

Hard-hitting documentaries such as the BBC’s Blue Planet have highlighted the effect of climate pollution and waste on nature and our oceans.

But you don’t have to be Captain Planet to save the world. Many households are doing their bit by switching to green energy suppliers.

Green energy providers promote themselves as providing power from renewable and more environmentally-friendly resources such as solar panels or wind turbines rather than fossil fuels.

All power comes through the same National Grid so rather than the actual power being green, providers will typically purchase the equivalent amount of gas or electricity you are using from renewable sources on your behalf.

Some of the major players such as Npower provide green deals as part of their wider offering but there are other 100% renewable energy suppliers.

These are typically smaller and may not show up on energy comparison websites automatically as they don’t have referral deals in place with the site. You will need to select an option to show all deals on the market rather than offers that the website can help you switch to.

But to save you some time, and energy, we have scoured the best green deals for you and found the top five currently on the market.

Remember the price you pay will depend on your own usage and how much a supplier charges in your area. The numbers below are based on the average household energy use for both gas and electricity, known as a dual fuel tariff.

Whack January tariff

This fixed tariff is the lowest priced green energy deal currently on the market. It is on offer from new player Outfox The Market, which buys its energy from renewable sources such as biothermal and solar that are generated in the UK.

As it is fixed, the rate at which your energy is worked out won’t change for the term of the 18-month deal. This tariff costs £76.16 a month or £913.93 over a year.

Watch out for exit fees, though, as there is a £50 charge per fuel if you want to leave the plan early.

Tonik Positively Green v7

Tonik uses solar power and biogas to provide its renewable energy and will also pay 3% interest on credit balances. This 12-month fixed rate tariff would cost £916.88 or £76.41 a month.

Bulb Vari-Fair

Bulb sources 100% renewable energy such as hydro-power and takes 10% of green gas from renewable generators in the UK.

Its variable rate deal would cost £77.69 per month and £932.24 a year. This is a variable tariff, which means the rate you pay may change based on the price of energy on the wholesale market.

Pure Planet 100% Green

Pure Planet uses renewable electricity sources such as wind and solar power and offsets carbon created by gas generation by backing environmentally friendly projects elsewhere. Its variable tariff costs £78.27 a month and £939.21 a year.

The People’s Tariff

People's Energy promises to give three quarters of its profits back to customers and provides 100% renewable electricity.

Its People’s Tariff offers a variable rate at £941.33 a year or £78.44 on a monthly basis.

The premium for going green

Remember, pure green suppliers may be more expensive as they tend to be smaller and don’t have the same scale as bigger providers to keep costs down.

These deals are still pretty competitive though and are only slightly more expensive than the current market leader Breeze, which offers a one-year fixed deal costing £75.80 a month or £909.59 a year.

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