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The Huawei P Smart is out and exclusive to Vodafone

Wednesday, February 7th 2018 by Oprah Flash

The Huawei P Smart has hit UK shelves, and those looking to get their hands on the phone can only buy it from Vodafone, with prices starting at £17 a month.

Earlier this week, we had the pleasure of reviewing the mid-range handset and have to say we were impressed by the quality of the phone, considering it’s relatively low price tag.

It has a large 5.65 inch screen with 18:19 resolution, perfect for watching shows or movies on Amazon Prime Video. If you’re guilty of taking pictures of your meal ‘for the gram’ before tucking in, this phone could be your ideal companion, as its dual 13MP and 2MP camera takes sharp, detailed photos.

Under its kilt it’s packing 32GB of storage, which can be expanded to 256GB with a MicroSD card.

Deals start at £17 a month

Vodafone is currently the only provider stocking the Huawei P Smart. The cheapest way to get you hands on this phone is through a 24-month bundle.

For £17 a month you get the phone over a 24-month contract. The deal includes 250MB of data, 250 minutes and unlimited texts. This is one of Vodafone’s Essentials packages so doesn’t include any extra perks other than global roaming around the EU.

We’ll be honest, yes this is cheap but the average person would struggle with such a small amount of data and it can be costly if you go over your usage.

At the moment, Vodafone has a quadruple data offer. For £29 a month you can get 16GB of data for the price of a 4GB tariff. Alongside a decent amount of data you also get unlimited minutes and texts. With both deals you’ll have to pay £9 upfront.

The quadruple data offer also applies to the 8GB Red Entertainment tariff. For £36 a month and a one-off £9 fee, you can now get 32GB of data with unlimited calls and texts.

The Huawei P Smart is also available on Vodafone’s Pay as you go 1 tariff for £229. With a £10 top up you’ve got the flexibility to limit your spend. Each text is 20p, a call is 20p a minute and it’s 20p for every 5MB of data that you use. Once you’ve spent £1 the rest of your usage for the day is free, so you’ll get unlimited calls and texts with 500MB of data. If you take a break from your phone, you won’t be charged if you don’t make calls, send texts or browse the net.

Free Sky Sports

Red Entertainment plans come with a few juicy perks. The most interesting one is a free subscription to either Spotify Premium, Sky Sports Mobile TV or a NOW TV Entertainment Pass. This lasts for the duration of of your 24-month contract

With both Red Extra and Red Entertainment plans, you can pick and choose to add a Chat, Social, Music or Video Vodafone Pass. With a pass you could stream all you want on Netflix or Tweet until your fingers fall off without dipping into your monthly data allowance.

A Video Pass is £7 a month, the Music Pass is £5 a month, it’s also a fiver for the Social Pass and the cheapest of the bunch is a Chat Pass for £3 a month. If you just want it all you can get a Combo Pass for £15 a month.

If you’re flush with the cash and don’t mind buying the phone outright, you can get it for £229 from Vodafone on pay as you go. You’ll have to buy a minimum top up of £10 so you can choose Pay as you go 1 or a Big Value Bundle.

The first option gives you free unlimited minutes, texts, and 500MB of data for the day once your usage hits £1. Up to this point, it’s 20p for every 5MB of data you use, 20p for each text and calls cost 20p a minute.

The Big Value Bundle is a 30-day rolling plan giving you 1GB of data, 200 minutes and unlimited texts to use each month.

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