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Baywatch is among the film premieres coming to Sky Cinema in February 2018

Friday, January 19th 2018 by Marc Shoffman

Those cold wintry nights aren’t getting any shorter and as we enter the month of love, whether you are a believer in Valentine’s Day or not, here are the new films coming to Sky Cinema that you can cuddle up with either on your own or with a loved one.

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One More Time (available from 1 February)

Any film with the supremely talented and watchable Christopher Walken is worth a try.

He plays Paul in this comedy drama, a former singer who is trying to get back to his former glories when his broke daughter Jude, played by Amber Heard, returns home with only him to blame for her messed up state.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (available 2 February)

Charlie Hunnam and Jude Law star in director Guy Ritchie’s interpretation of this Excalibur legend.

The film portrays London in the dark ages and follows the journey of Arthur, played by Hunnam, from the murder of his father and the seizure of the crown by Vortigem portrayed by Jude Law.

CHIPS (available from 3 February)

Here is one for those of Generation X who remember growing up in the 1970s and crowding round the TV at teatime to watch CHIPS.

This remake of the popular series focusing on the California highway patrol – or CHIPS – mismatches a pair of motorbike cops.

Dax Shepard plays rookie Jon Baker, a former stunt rider with marriage troubles who is partnered with the womanising maverick and undercover FBI agent shaking up the unit Francis 'Ponch' Poncherello, played by Michael Pena.

My All American (available from 4 February)

My All American tells the true and inspiring story of young American football player Freddie Steinmark, portrayed by Finn Wittrock, who overcame his short stature to become a legend among the University of Texas Longhorns in the 1960s. He went on the become a footballing legend still revered today.

Frank & Lola (available from Monday 5 February)

This love story is the directorial debut of Michael Ross and tells the story of Las Vegas chef Frank, played by Michael Shannon, who falls in love with the mysterious Lola, portrayed by Imogen Poots.

Their intense relationship leads to obsessions, betrayal and Frank eventually flying to Paris on a dangerous encounter to track down Lola’s former lover.

Texas Blood (available from Tuesday 6 February)

Former sheriff turned conservative cowdboy John Landsburg, played by Jon Voight, tries to protect the family ranch he has lived on his whole life from the threats of the modern world.

Struggling with cash, his daughter tries to persuade him to sell up and he also faces pressure from the federal government to relinquish some of his land, leading to family and neighbourly feuds.

Harmonium (available from Wednesday 7 February)

Suburban metalworker Toshio is just a happy family man living with his shy Christian wife Akie and daughter Hotaru until he hires old acquaintance and ex-con Yasaka in his workshop. Yasaka’s arrival quickly shakes up the happy family dynamic in this Japanese drama.

Escape Room (available from Thursday 8 February)

Escape rooms may be fun stag do events but this thriller adds to the excitement by adding a demonically possessed killer to the group. Four friends have less than an hour to solve puzzles so they can get out of this Los Angeles escape room alive.

Baywatch (available from Friday 9 February)

Everyone remembers the Baywatch theme tune and now you can relive the 90s classic with this remake.

Wrestler-turned Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson steps into the red shorts of David Hasselhoff to play Florida lifeguard Mitch Buchannon alongside former Olympic bad boy Zac Efron. Sports Illustrated regular Kelly Rohrbach plays the Pamela Anderson character CJ Parker. So there is something for everyone in this comedy, plus a few interesting cameos.

Mune: Guardian of the Moon (available from Saturday 10 February)

A French children's fantasy focusing on an alternative world where a new guardian of the sun and of the moon must be found. The search creates chaos and plunges the whole world into darkness as a demon steals the sun.

Honey 3: Dare To Dance (available from Sunday 11 February)

A direct to DVD American dance film, Honey 3 follows Melea, played by Cassie Ventura, as she battles against the strict school policies of a Cape Town college she now attends. Worried that her dance talents are being wasted, she sets up her own dance school and aims to put on a hip-hop Romeo and Juliet performance. But there is plenty of Shakespearean drama that puts everything at risk.

Mean Dreams (available from Monday 12 February)

A Canadian comedy following two teenagers – Jonas and his new neighbour Casey – as they look to escape their own broken and abusive homes by making off with her father’s million dollar stash of cash. The only trouble is Casey’s dad – played by Bill Paxton - also happens to be a corrupt cop.

It Had to Be You (available from Tuesday 13 February)

Advertising jingle composer Sonia finds herself single again after rejecting a marriage proposal from her long term boyfriend.

The commitment-phobe is fed up with being surrounded by her married friends so travels to Rome where, surprise surprise, she meets up with a sexy Italian! Mamma mia!

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