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Get the iPhone 8 with unlimited data in Three's January sale

Wednesday, January 10th 2018 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

Three has included two whopping great iPhone 8 deals in its January sale and is focussing squarely on heavy data users.

For the price that you’d usually pay Three for a 30GB monthly data allowance – £57 a month and £79 upfront – you can currently get a massive 100GB to use each month. And for an extra tenner you can make sure you’ll never go over your limit again with Three’s all-you-can-eat data plan.

When you order an iPhone 8 from Three you’ll be offered a choice of three colours – Gold, Silver and Space Grey.

You’ll also have to decide how much internal storage you’re going to need. The prices we’re talking about apply to the 64GB version of the iPhone 8, but there’s also a 256GB version for those who know they’re going to need the extra space.

With both the 100GB deal at £57 a month and the unlimited data package at £67 a month, you get unlimited minutes and unlimited texts, as with all of Three’s iPhone 8 plans.

You also get the benefits that always come with Three’s Advanced Plans. These include a 30GB personal hotspot so you can get your other devices connected or share data with a friend (aww) and Feel at Home Around the World, which lets you use your allowance in 71 destinations at no extra cost.

There’s also Go Binge, which gives you a separate, unlimited data allowance for streaming music and video from certain apps, as long as you’ve got some data left in your regular allowance.

Stream as much Netflix as you like

This obviously doesn’t matter if you’ve plumped for an unlimited data plan anyway, but may come in handy if you watch a ridiculous amount of Netflix over 4G and would otherwise be quickly burning through your 100GB, and it’s particularly useful if you decide against either of the packages we’re talking about and go for a lower monthly tariff.

As well as Netflix, Go Binge takes care of the data usage for TV Player, Deezer, Apple Music and SoundCloud.

It’s hard to compare like-for-like as Three is the only UK provider currently offering an unlimited data tariff, but we what we can do is take the biggest tariffs on offer elsewhere and see how they stack up price-wise. We’re talking about big data packages here and these are not cheap deals, so it may help bring a bit of perspective.

O2’s biggest data tariff for the iPhone 8 offers 50GB for £67 a month, the same as Three is charging for unlimited data. O2’s offer does come with a smaller upfront fee at £29.99 and the provider will let you upgrade to a new phone after 12 months of the 24-month contract.

EE goes slightly bigger than O2 with a 60GB tariff for £72.99 a month and £9.99 upfront, much cheaper upfront but marginally more expensive on a monthly basis compared to Three. It’s worth adding that the EE deal does come with 24 months’ access to the BT Sport app.

Vodafone also offers 60GB of data for £72 a month and £29 upfront. This is a Red Entertainment plan so includes a 24-month subscription to your choice of Spotify Premium, Sky Sports Mobile TV or NOW TV.

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