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Three offers mobile broadband home router deals from £23 a month

Tuesday, February 20th 2018 by Steve McCaskill

Mobile broadband, powered by superfast 4G networks, is becoming a viable alternative to fixed broadband for people and businesses who live in an area with poor connectivity or need more flexibility.

Three’s latest offer includes a dedicated 4G mobile broadband router and 40GB of data for £24 month. There’s no upfront cost for the router if you take out a 12-month contract and if you take out a two-year deal, the monthly cost comes down to £23. You can also pay £24 a month on a one-month rolling contract, but you'll be charged £59.99 for the router.

Like Three’s mobile phone contracts, customers benefit from ‘Go Binge’ which doesn’t count certain streaming services against your monthly data allowance. These include includes Netflix, TVPlayer, SoundCloud, Deezer and Apple Music, easing fears that a household could rapidly consume 40GB.

If you need more data then Three offers 100GB for £29 a month on a two-year deal and customers can purchase additional gigabytes if needed.

The Huawei HomeFi router is 'plug in and play' and only require users to insert their Three SIM card in the back. It can support up to 32 devices accessing the internet at any one time and because the connection is delivered over a mobile network, it’s more secure.

Access to superfast speeds without fibre

While more than 95% of the UK population can now access superfast broadband via fibre, some remote areas are too expensive to connect. Mobile networks are seen as a way of ensuring everyone can get access to a decent service without the cost of laying more cables.

It’s also an ideal solution if you don’t want cables cluttering the house, pay line rental, or want to take your connection with you when you travel or go into the office.

Three’s 3G and 4G networks cover 97% of the UK population and the operator has been rolling out new spectrum over the past few years to spread coverage, especially indoors.

Three’s other mobile broadband devices include ‘MiFi’ devices which are designed for on-the-go connectivity and connect as many as 10 wi-fi devices, and wi-fi dongles which connect to a standard USB port.

SIM-only deals cater for those who already have a MiFi device or want to use a SIM with a tablet.

EE also offers mobile broadband kit and recently launched an external antenna and professional installation service, promising speeds of up to 100Mbps. This shoebox-sized ‘Fixed Wireless Access’ (FWA) helps solve the issue of poor indoor coverage.

4GEE home deals start at £25 a month for 10GB on an 18 month contract, with 50GB costing £35 a month. Meatier price plans offer 200GB for £60 a month and there are pay-as-you-go options as well.

Should you also have an EE 4G contract for your smartphone, then you will get an extra 5GB a month. This is the same bonus the company gives its EE home broadband customers, who get their connection via fibre.

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