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Three tablet deal offers Alcatel Plus 12 with detachable keyboard from £29 a month

Wednesday, February 21st 2018 by Mike Whitehead

Three is proving there’s life in the old tablet market yet with its latest deal for the Alcatel Plus 12.

‘Survival of the fittest’ is a term often trotted out to define how well a business or product is doing in a particular market. Way back in 2010, with the launch of the fabled iPad, the ‘tablet’ was set to revolutionise the entire PC market.

The iPad’s ground-breaking design launched a thousand imitators keen to latch on to its coat tails.

As consumers we wanted everything a little smaller and more versatile than the traditional laptop or desktop. Eight years on and sadly for the tablet, we wanted things much smaller and more versatile than originally envisaged. With the development of the mobile as a handset that can do pretty much anything nowadays, the tablet market has had to re-define itself more as a versatile version of a laptop or desktop in order to remain relevant.

The Alcatel Plus 12 is a lightweight tablet-based 2 in 1 device running Windows 10 with a detachable keyboard. It has a 12-inch Full HD screen offering a very impressive 1920 x 1080 resolution. The key innovation, though, is its integrated 4G LTE feature, built into the keyboard base, serving as a wi-fi hotspot for up to 15 other devices. Like a lot of Alcatel’s product range, it’s regarded as a very reliable, underrated machine.

Pay monthly or pay as you go

This nice-looking device is currently available on a monthly basis from mobile provider Three for as little as £29 a month. For this amount you’ll receive a 10GB monthly data allowance, 32GB storage and a colour choice of either silver or black. If your data appetite is a little hungrier there are two further options available. For £32 a month you can have 15GB monthly data or 20GB for £35 a month.

For the more budget conscious, you can pay £18 a month with 2GB monthly data allowance or £27 a month for 5GB (however, for £2 a month more it makes much more sense to go for the 10GB option). All of these options are available over a 24-month contract with a £49 upfront cost.

They also all include Three’s ‘Go Binge’ feature, which allows you to download or stream from certain sites without draining your data allowance. Some of the sites available are Netflix, Apple Music, Deezer and SoundCloud.

If you’d rather not tie yourself down to a contract and would prefer a more flexible pay-as-you-go plan, there are three options available. For an upfront cost of £344.99 you get 1GB data allowance preloaded and valid for one month, £350.99 for 3GB preloaded and valid for three months or £374.99 for 12GB preloaded and valid for 12 months.

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