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Three teams up with SSE to make a head start on its 5G network

Tuesday, May 1st 2018 by Oprah Flash

Today, Three UK has announced its partnership with SSE Enterprise Telecoms to expand its 4G network, and start the ball rolling on its 5G infrastructure.

Work is already underway, as last month SSE Enterprise Telecoms began laying fibre optic connections to Three UK’s 20 core data centres. For Three customers, when the project is complete, you’ll receive a stronger, more reliable and available 4G connection.

While helping to transform Three UK’s current network, SSE Enterprise plans to make a start on putting up the infrastructure to support the 5G rollout.

After successfully winning 20MHz in Ofcom’s 5G mobile spectrum auction, this new partnership is the next step in Three’s plan to expand its network. Despite this victory, it was the smallest of all the major mobile service providers, as Vodafone won 50MHz, with both O2 and EE obtaining 40MHz each.

'3.5 times more data than the rest of the UK'

Bryn Jones, chief technology officer at Three UK, said: “We are putting our network on the best footing possible to meet the current and future demands of consumers. Our customers use up to 3.5 times more data than the rest of the UK, a demand which is only going to increase as we move towards a 5G world.

“The decision to select SSE Enterprise Telecoms to assist us on this journey was straightforward. Their knowledge and ambitions for UK connectivity were clear and made them the natural choice.”

Both Three and SSE Telecoms have invested in this multi-million pound project in a bid to rival BT’s place in the telecoms market. In a recent report , Three found it’s customers use an average of 6.8GB of data each month, which is three times the mobile data consumption of the average UK user.

SSE has said we can expect 5G services to be available by 2020.

Colin Sempill, managing director of SSE Enterprise Telecoms, said: “Our continued investment has made us the go-to network provider to help UK businesses unlock their growth potential.

“As a connectivity provider, we understand how integral network infrastructure is to allow technologies like 5G to reach their vast potential. We’re excited at the opportunity to assist Three UK in its journey to bring unrivalled experiences to its customers while offering new connection options to our own.”

Three recently extended its Go Binge feature to include Snapchat, so if you’ve got one of Three’s Advanced Plans you get an infinite amount of data for using the social app, along with Netflix, TV Player, Apple Music, Deezer and Soundcloud.

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