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Best broadband and TV bundle deals on Black Friday weekend

By Dan Howdle
Friday, November 24th 2017

Most broadband and TV providers don’t bother with Black Friday, but that’s not to say there aren’t some amazing deals on right now. Let’s take a look.

What would happen if all broadband and TV providers waited for Black Friday to put their best deals live? Well, unlike manufacturers of consumer technology, many of whose customers already know what they’re going to buy and are waiting for Black Friday to get it cheap, they’d all be vying for your attention, making it the most confusing, and not necessarily the cheapest, day of the year to buy a broadband and TV bundle.

Instead, providers tend to spread their best broadband and TV bundle deals out throughout the year, making it frugal to switch to particular providers at particular times. Right now, that particular provider is BT – we’ll get into exactly why a bit further down – but there are other good choices too. We’ve picked out the very best ones for you in this roundup.

BT Infinity, 52Mb, free weekend calls, TV Max (Freeview + 60 premium channels, £150 cashback, free BT Sport, £44.99 p/m

Just look at all that cashback. Before we get into the details of the deal itself, we have to fess up: The cashback is the number one reason we’re picking this deal above all others right now. Why? Because it adds up. If you spread that cashback over the 18 months of the contract, you’re saving an additional £8.33 per month – that’s one way to look at it anyhow. It means this deal doesn’t really cost £44.99 per month at all. More like £36.66. Gotta love these confusing numbers.

And you get a hell of a lot for that money. 52Mbps is very competent broadband – plenty for most busy households. You could stream HD content to 6-7 different screens at once with it, UHD (4K) stuff to two screens at once, or everyone you know could come to your house and surf the internet at the same time without a problem. It’s plenty.

Then there’s the TV. In addition to countless Freeview channels, you get 60 premium channels including Sky One and many, many more. Added to that you’ll get free BT Sport for 18 months meaning you’ll have access to Premiere League and Champion’s League football fixtures as well as a host of other sports and events, including The Ashes cricket. And you’ll get a UHD 4K-capable box to watch it all on. I know, right?

And then there’s the fact that all BT Infinity deals come with BT’s Smart Hub router – one of, if not the best router offered with any package, by any provider. If you already love BT, all the better, if you hate BT, this is the closest you'll come this year to mugging them at gunpoint. It’s exclusive to Cable.co.uk, so you’ll need to click the button below to get it – you can’t even get it directly from BT.


BT Unlimited Broadband, 17Mb, free weekend calls, TV Starter (Freeview + BT Sport) £100 cashback, £23.99 p/m

So what’s different here to the deal above? Well, it’s less. Less of everything. But don’t assume less is always worse, because it all depends on what you actually need. There are a lots of people out there buying £5,000 Tour De France bicycles to ride to work twice a year. And those people are idiots.

Broadband here is 17Mbps. And that’s plenty if your household is relatively small and you don’t have multiple people all streaming in HD at the same time. If you’re not sure whether 17Mbps will cut it, our advice is to air on the side of caution. Not everyone promised 17Mbps will get that, so if you think you’re cutting it fine, go for the deal at the top of this page. Be on the safe side – it’s not as simply to upgrade to fibre down the line as someone at BT simply flipping a switch. You’ll need a new router and an engineer appointment.

Likewise with TV, you’ll get less. Freeview is all that’s on offer here, along with access to BT Sport for 18 months. However, you won’t get BT’s 4K YouView box, only the standard one. Your internet won’t be fast enough to watch 4K anyway. If none of this matters to you, and all you want is access to BT Sport and a workaday internet solution for a household of a few moderate users, this is the deal for you. It’s much cheaper than the one above, so if you don’t need it, don’t pay for it.


TalkTalk Broadband, 17Mb, free weekend calls, TV Plus (Freeview + 30 extra channels, no set-up fee, £24.95 p/m

Honestly? We’re only including this deal because a) We have a thing about things coming in threes and b) We need something to provide appropriate contrast to just how darn good those BT deals are. If those deals weren’t on right now, we would be recommending the hell out of this cheap broadband and TV solution from TalkTalk. As it stands, we can only ‘slightly’ recommend it.

But perhaps you’re switching ‘from’ BT? In that case, this should be your pick. There are 136 channels on offer here, as well as 17Mbps broadband and, unlike BT there are absolutely no set-up fees. You won’t get any cashback either, but, you know – swings and roundabouts.

Unlike the basic BT TV deal above this one, you also get some ‘extra’ channels. We hesitate to call them ‘premium’ as we have to reserve that to describe those ludicrously expensive sport channels (which you don’t get here). But you get Sky One, Sky Two, SyFy, Universal, National Geographic and a host of other channels offering high-quality content that you might actually want to watch.


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