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TV bundle deal of the week: Virgin Media Full House TV and 100Mb broadband, £55p/m

Thursday, January 18th 2018 by Luke Albiges

Rolling all of your entertainment and communications into one regular payment is a great way to save a little cash, and this is the bundle that caught our eyes this week.

Virgin's Full House package combines TV, phone and broadband in one neat and affordable package, and it works out way cheaper than getting the three parts independently from separate suppliers at just £55 a month for the lot.

So what do you get for the money here? Well, the backbone of the package is a VIVID 100 fibre broadband line, capable of speeds of up to 100Mbps. That kind of speed should comfortably service a full household of tech users, facilitating buffer-free HD streaming and speedy downloads. But if you still need more bandwidth – if there are gamers in the house or people who download large files frequently – there's also the option to upgrade the line to a VIVID 200 or 300 one for a little extra.

The calls part of the package is pretty basic, but similar to what other providers offer. Free weekend calls is a nice enough perk considering a lot of people don't make much use of their landlines anyway, although if you sign up fast, you can actually get that upgraded to free calls any time as part of a deal that expires at the end of today. Look sharp if you want to get in on that!

In terms of the TV part of the package, there's a lot to talk about. You get more than 230 channels, including around 50 in HD and covering pretty much every major name you might care to mention.

Add Sky Sports and BT Sport for £39.25

In fact, the only notable things missing are the Sky Sports and Sky Cinema channels, although these can also be added to the deal at additional cost - £31.75 a month to add all eight Sports channels (another £7 bumps them up to HD), £21 for 11 HD Cinema channels, or £39.25 for both sets.

Even though you'll be spoiled for choice most of the time, you never have to miss a moment of your favourite shows thanks to the Virgin TV V6 Box. Virgin describes the set-top box as its smallest, smartest and fastest yet, and it's easy to see why.

With a massive 1TB of storage – enough to record around 500 hours of SD content or 100 hours in HD – and the ability to record from up to six different channels at once, you'll never need to fight over the remote again.

Larger households also have the option to add a second V6 Box to allow for TV viewing in two rooms simultaneously. That's an extra £7.50 a month on top of an up-front fee of just shy of £50 for the second box, so well worth it if you've got a large family to keep entertained.

The V6 box also has Netflix and BBC iPlayer installed, so if there ever comes a time when you've got nothing to watch, you always have a safety net of digital box sets and catch-up services to fall back on.

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