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UK's six biggest ISPs forced to block SolarMovie and TubePlus

Thursday, November 14th 2013 by Dean Reilly
Court order forces major ISPs to block SolarMovie and TubePlus

Two illegal streaming sites are set to be blocked by the UK's biggest ISPs.

Customers of the UK's six biggest internet service providers (ISPs) will be prevented from accessing the SolarMovie and TubePlus websites, which allow users to view a vast range of copyright-infringing content.

The move, which will affect subscribers of BT, EE, O2, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media, comes after the Motion Picture Association's (MPA's) EMEA division won orders from the High Court to enforce the blocking measures.

In a written verdict, the High Court declared that the two sites directly infringe copyright, as they make film and TV content available to the public without permission from rights holders.

Under the terms of the court orders, both blocks must be implemented by early December.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, EMEA President and Managing Director at the MPA Chris Marcich said illegitimate sites such as these are holding back growth for legal online streaming services.

"We want an internet that works for everyone, where the creative property of artists and creators is protected along with the privacy and security of all users," he added. 

"The internet must be a place for investment, innovation and creativity."

Comments (10)

joan wheatland
11th January 2014

I am so peeved of about this.......its all about money so we got it free on the internet netflix are crap and way behind on tv shows........plus they never show new onesand it cost money....has anyone found a solution yet........ anyone got a link i can use please am not good with computers xxxx

21st December 2013

So we are expected to spend 40+ pounds on boxsets for the latest TV shows instead of watching them online? Make prices cheaper, and then less people will need to use these sites.

Orange [EE] sucks
17th December 2013

Can anyone explain why these large ISP's do not ban youtube which hosts many thousands of copyrite TV shows and film?

Apparently its absolutely fine to break copyrite law, as long as you are a large corporation, and have lots of money, eh?

17th December 2013

Thanks MPA I used to watch the walking dead and a lot of comedy's and it was easier to watch it and now I cant

12th December 2013

Yeah, they sure showed us, it's not like i can't bypass or see another website pop up 10 minutes later. Have fun with that

8th December 2013

Just download the hotspot shield. it will hide your IP address and give you full access

6th December 2013

i am sure that MPA have lost the plot, instead of fighting work with tubeplus considering the amount of shows and movies able to watch i would me much happier paying a monthly fee then have to deal with lovefilm or netflix as when you actually look they dont have any new programmes, it sucks. MPA suck.

5th December 2013

Are MPA trying to ruin our enjoyment of watching films and TV Shows online? If so they have no right to do that. I am not American but I do enjoy watching show's along with America, I used to watch shows such as Once Upon a Time, Teen Wolf, Grimm, now how am I going to watch my favorite shows along with America? Answer me that MPA? If you have any sense, which you don't, you would have found a way to work with SolarMovie and TubePlus as opposed to working against them, you have totally ruined the enjoyment of watching TV shows online for everyone, this is entriely on your heads.

5th December 2013

Download the Zenmate extension for google chrome and all your problems are over :)

4th December 2013

Well now i cant watch my favorite TV shows. Tubeplus was the only site that had supernatural update quickly and i'm not American so i am not staying up to watch it at 2am on a school night. Now what am i gonna do

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