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US company bringing free mobile calls, texts, data and roaming to UK

Wednesday, May 13th 2015 by Dean Reilly

A company that provides free mobile data, calls and texts to customers in the US is bringing its service to the UK.

Los Angeles-based FreedomPop will offer SIM-only deals featuring 200MB of data, 200 minutes and 200 texts for free to UK consumers from July this year.

FreedomPop customers can also use their free minutes to call 60 countries worldwide at no extra cost, and roll unused data over into the next month of their contract. International roaming is also included at no extra charge.

The company offers free telecoms services in the hopes that customers will purchase additional data, minutes and texts after using up their monthly allowance.

So-called freemium services offer an initially free service with the option to subsequently purchase extra features or content. Freemium pricing structures are most commonly seen in free mobile apps and games.

Approximately 51% of its 1m customers in the US don't purchase any additional top-up services, while the remaining 49% opt to add extra features to the free package or upgrade to a paid SIM-only subscription.

FreedomPop, which aims to ensure that no one is left off the "connected grid," was co-founded in 2011 by former BT vice president of strategy and product Stephen Stokols
, who now acts as its CEO.

'Available to everyone'

Steven Sesar, chief operating officer and co-founder of FreedomPop, said: “We’ve seen tremendous success in providing free mobile connectivity with our value-added services in the US, and now we want to make it available to everyone, wherever they are.

“Soon UK residents will be able to enjoy completely free mobile voice, data and text services available on a variety of smartphones, unlike Google’s offering.”

Mr Sesar was referencing the recently announced Project Fi service from Google, which allows customers to connect automatically to more than a million free hotspots across the US, switching to partner mobile networks when not in range of a wi-fi signal.

It has been reported that a deal with Three will see the network carry FreedomPop free calls, texts and data services.

A rumoured second deal with another UK mobile provider has yet to be confirmed.

The company plans to expand its free service to five other European countries within the next year.

Cable.co.uk previously reported that Three was introducing new technology to help tackle mobile coverage not-spots across the UK.

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