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Virgin Media boosts its top broadband speed to 350Mbps

Friday, March 23rd 2018 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

If you’re the type of person who loves to have the best of everything so you can brag about it to your friends, we have good news for you.

Virgin Media has boosted its top broadband speed up from a not-exactly-slow 300Mbps to an even-speedier 350Mbps.

This is, of course, also good news for anyone who actually needs 350Mbps. The thing is, that’s not going to be very many people.

For most folks, Virgin’s basic 50Mbps connection is likely to be more than enough. In fact, the majority of people with standard ADSL connections manage to carry out all their online activities – including watch Netflix – without a problem.

That said, big numbers sell. Especially in the world of broadband advertising. So 350Mbps is better than 300Mbps, even if you’re unlikely to notice the difference.

For what it’s worth, Virgin tells us a 350Mbps connection will allow you to download a 5GB HD movie file in about two minutes and a 25GB console game in 10 minutes. By way of comparison the UK’s average connection, which is 44Mbps according to Ofcom’s latest Connected Nations report, will take roughly 16 minutes to download the HD movie and nearly an hour and a half for the game.

'Blazingly fast'

Anthony Vollmer, executive director for connectivity at Virgin Media, said: “We’ve always been proud of our network’s speed and for good reason.

“Our lines bring blazingly fast download speeds which are leagues ahead of those our customers could find elsewhere. We have been the speed leader since 2007: We intend to remain at the front of the pack.”

New and existing customers can sign up to get speeds of 350Mbps for £41 a month, plus a £20 set-up cost. The good news if you’re already on the old 300Mbps package is that you should see your speeds increase automatically.

In terms of the top speeds offered elsewhere, it’s 76Mbps across the board as every widely-available broadband provider in the UK uses Openreach’s network (other than Virgin, which has its own).

Right now the cheapest 76Mbps broadband package is being offered by TalkTalk in a deal exclusive to Cable.co.uk. You’ll pay £25 a month and nothing at all upfront.

A benefit of choosing TalkTalk is that the provider guarantees not to increase the price of your broadband for the length of the 18-month contract, something no other provider currently does.

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